Summer Favorites to Beat the Summertime Blues

This edition of needs, haves, and wants brought to you by my intense desire to avoid sorting out my closet situation. Literally, I am sitting here making this post instead of doing something totally necessary, I mean I still haven’t separated out all the wintertime coats and swapped them with summertime sundresses. Which is ridiculous, it’s almost July, I think I’m just avoiding going to the storage unit for some reason.

Anyway… three big must-haves on this list, I suspect the real reason I haven’t swapped out all the summer time stuff is that I’m over all of it? Or it doesn’t fit… so I’ve been treating myself to a few new things as a way to start over. I just ordered the top and skirt from JCrew, so we’ll see if they’re keepers, who knows. However, the floral caftan is from Zara and IT IS GLORIOUS. They’re having a sale right now, so go treat yourself — I mean it, I feel invincible in this thing. Don’t you want to feel invincible? I wear it belted to the office because you know, business casual.

Need // Nails, Shoes

Have // Top, Skirt, Caftan

Want // Ring

*PS HELLO Paint Box nails, just do it. Click. Book. Enjoy. I got my first fancy mani and went whole hog with designs and gels, and already have the next one picked out.

*PPS For my 30th I said I would treat myself to this really nice statement ring because baby I’m worth it, then I spent my ring money on caftans and manicures. No regrets though, it’s been a tough month and sometimes you have to take your joy where you can get it.

Do you treat yourself to big ticket items for major milestones?


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Editor’s note: at the time of publishing this post in 6 days late… it’s been sitting in my drafts folder for 3.5 days. Please accept this sweet picture of peonies as a peace offering.

My friend Kelly invited me to be a part of this blog tour thing of sorts and share a bit of my writing process and why I blog etc. (I think she just pokes me from time to time to see if this thing is alive honestly.) Kelly is awesome and a treasure, please go read her post too!

What am I working on?

Right now in my drafts folder I have an overdue post about a panel I was invited to be a part of talking about how Queens is cool and a love letter to Preen and that neon orange color that was all up in their February shows (yeah, I’m a little more behind on that one). Oops.

During the day I work in digital advertising and shit has been cray, which is why none of those things are published. Well, that coupled with general screen fatigue, wine, and a true love of a full nights sleep.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

There’s less of it? Remember when everyone first started reading blogs and we all had our “dailies” i.e. the blogs that you just HAD to read every day. Then everyone fell forever behind in the blog readers and blog lovin’ feeds and even google reader was like “never mind we can’t with this ish.”

Well, you don’t have to worry about that here. I publish with wild and sporadic abandon. Often I put things here in the middle of the night and then forget to tell anyone at all. Basically what I’m saying is this blog is like that Jack in the Box in Elf, you just never know when it’s gonna come through but you want it to succeed?!

Why do I write what I do?

Leftovers? The thrill of hitting publish without excessive scrutiny or approval? If you’re one of the three people who have been stopping by since this blog’s early days as a craft blog, then home design/DIY blog, then some weird lifestyle diary, then the phase where it sat quietly for almost a year, and now the place where I sometimes share expensive things and random stuff I want to put out there for funsies, isn’t this great?

Don’t get me wrong though, overall this blog has ultimately stayed true to its original mission statement. “Things I Dream About While Sitting at my Desk” I just happen to have had a lot of day dreams and a few different desks over the years. Cubicle57 started as a place to put the things I thought about while I searched for a new career, then it became my new career, and then it became my sabbatical — I come here to vacation now, it’s nice. Basically you’re at the Sandals of the internet, HI!

How does your writing process work?

At work I’m in a constant cycle of yearly, quarterly, and bi-weekly strategies that I plan out and submit for approval and plug into various editorial calendars so I can get Mother’s Day taken care of in February because that just feels good. J/K sometimes it doesn’t. Here I run a much looser ship — I mostly just go with it. If I like it and I’m messing around in the ole photoshop I will publish it — even if it serves no purpose or strategy or isn’t the greatest thing around (gasp!) — because I like writing, and taking sweet pics, and making layouts of all of my favorite things.

Pass the torch…

Ultimately though? I wanted to participate just so I could selfishly tag Ms. Sara Alvarez Kleinsmith as next because you guys she is a beautiful writer and glorious friend and I read next to nothing over 300 words these days, but every time I see her publish something I make the time to read THE WHOLE THING. And that, is worth sharing.

So check out her writing, it’s gorgeous and wonderful and you’ll probably cry at your desk and then find yourself strutting out of the office doing sweet dance moves like HI WORLD I’M GREAT WHAT DO YOU HAVE FOR ME. I’m dying to learn about her process!



Met Gala 2014 Dress

Behold, the fruits of a last minute client request that went in a different direction and left these gorgeous picks unpublished. BUT THEY WILL NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT. Nothing wrong with bringing them home and whipping up a sweet little ditty just for you!! You guys I think my true calling in life is sorting by price high to low — I’m really great at it.

While these may not be the best of the best picks on the planet due to frenzied time constraints… if someone had bothered to invite me to the Met Gala (cough ms wintour), I would have looked just fine showing up in this, don’t you think?

Earrings // Dress // Clutch // Shoes // Cuff


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Array of Coffee Table Magazines

Let’s talk real talk about glossies. Do you subscribe to a lot of magazines? Do people still read magazines? Maybe you’re and iPad person… or you’ve got the app. I subscribe to exactly one, only because somehow I clicked auto-renew somewhere on the internet five years ago and I don’t know how to turn it off. I read quite a few mags on a regular-ish enough basis that economically I should totally just subscribe but I can’t seem to bring myself to.

WHY? Because I can’t run the risk of being forever behind on magazines. I just. Can’t. They keep coming everything month and you’re busy or bored or don’t feel like it or in the middle of a good book and just don’t get around to it, and then all of the sudden you’re in the throes of being overwhelmed by the stack on your coffee table that you have to get through before the next month’s slew arrives! I mean, shit, like it’s a job or something. So I choose to take the passive route and pay by the issue, which ultimately costs more dollars but feels better because it feels like a treat or a luxury because you’ve made the choice to bring them home. Consider it my donation to viva la print Hearst & Martha, keep on keepin’ on.

Magazines, a visual hierarchy.

Let’s talk about who makes the cut.

  1. Elle Decor: This is the lone leftover from my years where I got really into shelter mags. I still read it sometimes because I love looking at expensive things but most months in goes unread BECAUSE I’M STRESSED I NEVER READ THE PREVIOUS ONE.
  2. Harpers Bazaar: I love this one, the layouts are good, the writing has a nice voice. I follow a few of the editors on twitter that I quite like, I should totally subscribe because I buy it most months.
  3. Nylon: Cute mag, different layouts, fun fashunz, I buy it when I want to look at something different or I’m at the one Duane Reade by me that stocks it. Bonus, neon.
  4. The Gentlewoman: Splurge! This was like $20 at the magazines of the world store, but I mean, I had to have it I work really hard I deserve nice things. I haven’t read it yet so no spoilers.
  5. beSpoke: Total impulse buy, I was in the mood to buy exclusively fancy mags and the photography is gorgeous. We’ll see.
  6. Real Simple: I buy exclusively the really really good covers, which is generally about two or three a year. I mean, they’re all great and the shoot styling and photography is wonderful but the content doesn’t hit home for me really.
  7. Marie Claire: Oh Marie Claire, I had actually never read this mag but their September issue was super good this fall so I started picking it up occasionally. I like the inside, but the covers are pretty not-great and I made the mistake of following them on Twitter. Their social voice is very Seventeen Magazine and they tweet A LOT so I’m on the meh fence.
  8. Vanity Fair: The editorial features in Vanity Fair are the best. It reads like a book and they always cover things I like reading about. I almost never buy it though, high forever behind behavior risk.

Mostly I read magazines for the layouts, the editorial sweet pics, and the smell — I’m a sucker for that shiny smell.

What’s on your coffee table?

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