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Apr 15, 2012

in None, Queens

new backyard is Astoria Park Queens

Internet! The ‘Rooms and I have a new home! This apartment is pretty much the exact opposite of the location and price point we started looking, but I’m choosing to ignore that because THIS is our backyard! Astoria Park is about seventeen steps away, short 5’2″ steps. I’ve been jogging (uh huh, fitness) up there the past couple weeks and it’s a really beautiful neighborhood. Twice as big as our current digs, it’s totally the elusive two bedroom with rooms on opposite sides of the apartment, an eat in kitchen, PLUS A BONUS ROOM!?!?!??!?!?!

Apartment hunting in New York City is the worst thing ever in the whole wide world period. Add a couple of low-ish incomes, an actor, and not one but TWO pets, and landlords cannot say no fast enough. Also the real estate agents will literally laugh in your face or just stop answering your emails. Those of you who live in New York totally get this, and nothing will bond New Yorker’s together quicker than talking about the great apartment search.

Sure, its a little bit further than our current apartment, and a bit more expensive. BUT ITS NOT ON STEINWAY STREET. In fact its the furthest away from Steinway that you can get without crossing over the East River and landing on Randall’s Island. So there, no more crappy landlord, no more hookah bar next door, no more piles of trash in the street and the entryway. Just no more, and it will be totally worth every single penny. To the next four years slash forever and ever we’re never leaving!

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Panda April 16, 2012 at 2:54 am

So excited for you!!!


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