Beckie Stravers, author, Cubicle57.com

Hi, I’m Beckie. Wayward blogger. Internet pusher.

By day I’m a social media manager for a digital ad agency, by night/weekend I am a blogger, freelance writer, and occasional WordPress wrangler. I am the slash generation and I’m great at it. I have a natural curiosity and an affinity for problem solving and learning new things. I started this blog because I needed a place to house the rest of what happens in my brain, heart, and life.

This is a lifestyle(ish) blog and you will see the whole journey. I share, sometimes I share a lot, sometimes I share nothing, sometimes I overshare. I enjoy mild crafting, taking sweet pics, painting walls, occasional yoga (or other fitness), tiny living, buying magazines at full price, sorting from high to low, amazing architecture, graphic design, good typography, and above all, the internet.

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Fall is my favorite season.
I often try to learn too many things at one time.
I’m an introvert with fantastic people skills.
I have an incredible capacity for the Internet.
I used to cut my own hair.
I’ve held every entry level job there is.
My dream job is working from home.
I hate the words yummy, yum, or nom.
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