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Apr 7, 2011

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Lets talk, I love living in New York, there is honestly nowhere else I’d rather be (unless that place had a garage dedicated to projects, then I’d think about it). But living in such a place as this sometimes you forget there is an outside world where people drive to work, stores close at 5 (yeah, I’m looking at you Iowa!), and they own lawnmowers.

Then there are whole other countries where things like this happen?!?!?!?!?!?!

tulip season in Holland

Image: via poppytalk …via lemmemakeit

Its insane!!! I’m impatiently waiting for spring so I can bust out my flowy dresses and free my winter squished middle. I’ve done my best to wait patiently and not whine about the cold (I know I live in the Northeast, what do I expect?) but I’m very very ready. Any day now I hope to come out of the subway at the bottom of Central Park and look up from the sidewalk long enough to appreciate the coming of spring. This of course will be immediately followed by a stop in the Duane Reade on the corner to stock up on Zyrtec and tissues, but I am willing to live that challenge. Even if I have to pack my Neti everywhere I go.

So here’s to surviving a very long snowy winter and stocking up on allergy remedies for the season to come! Take some time to click on the linkies and treat yourself to the flower porn of Tulip time in Holland. And if that’s not enough… Google it, make it your desktop, or print it out and slap it on your cubicle wall. Let’s make spring happen!

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