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Mar 13, 2011

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So last weekend on my excursion to Michaels to pick up some spray paint for my candlestick project, I also impulse bought some metallic finishing paint for a lamp that I’ve been toying with for a while. See the before before picture on the left. I’m fascinated this ugly dated little lamp has been with me since college and made it from Oklahoma, to Iowa, to Queens. Touche Peir 1, you make a solid lamp. That said, I’ve been hating it pretty much since it took up residence in our living room. That shade! Honestly, if you recognize the last time this Moroccan theme mirrored business was “in,” you can guess my graduating year.

Anywhooooo. Awhile back I decided the best way to go was to buy a plain white $10.00 shade from IKEA and spray paint the mamajama gold. The finish was awful, horrible, and I was crushed. I don’t even have any photos it was so disappointing! I stared at it for 3 more months, hating it in my living room and thinking about just throwing it on the street donating it for someone else to love. And then…. enter my impulse buy at dear old Michaels craft store.

The brand is called Sophisticated Finishes, see all their other wonderful products here. And its the bomb. Took about two shakes of a lambs tail to get the exact finish I’ve been looking for. It was so easy I had to stop myself from gilting every frame and stray object in the apartment.

Cut to the next weekend…

After a bum thrifting experience we were still jonesing for a project fix. While I was pouting on the couch browsing pinterest, my roomie guiltily comes out from the bedroom with another lamp, plops it on the fancy trash bag drop-cloth and starts painting away. Needless to say we’re one bored Sunday away from living in a jewel box!

P.S. I’ll leave you with a pic of our poor fur baby Otto’s reaction to hearing the blow dryer (the rooms likes to speed up his drying time)… but poor doggie thinks its bath time, he’s terrified hiding in the corner, and its mildly amusing.

I promise I'm clean mom and dad!


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