Best. Streetfind. Ever.

Apr 18, 2011

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So there I am on Sunday night crafting away preparing for the easter bonnet extravaganza brunch that we’re hosting next weekend at our apartment, when what arrives in my inbox?

red wagon street find from Iowa

Get into it!!! My mother one-upped me from Iowa with the best street find of all time. The Little Red Wagon that could/can/and is being awesome right now! Leave it to the midwest to be hiding all of the good things… She even painted the base red to match because it was bare wood. Honestly, how great is this? And of course she’s using it as a totally functional item for her gardening supplies, whereas I would naturally try to mount it on the wall and put tchotchkes in it.

It gives me the warm fuzzies to know that my mother 6 states away is getting into the street find madness that has consumed my life. I think it’s a very special aspect of the adult parental/offspring relationship to discover the things you have in common that you never knew you did. Silent tear, two cents, hug it out, apologies for the sentimentality…

Now go take a long walk tonight and find something on the street then tell me all about it and make me jealous!

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