Beware of the green eyed monster

Mar 18, 2011

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OK friends, check it out. The worst thing about having a 9-5er happening in my life right now is that it’s really cutting into my DIY and project time. Don’t get me wrong, as St. Patty’s came and went yesterday, and I did not have to set foot inside a restaurant/bar establishment to wait on crazy drunk people high on sunshine and green body glitter, I was extremely grateful for my cubicle! Don’t worry, I celebrated in my own way by thrifTING on my lunch break! And I got a lamp for just 12 shamrocks! More on that soon…

So during the week I live vicariously through others’ projects while spending quality time writing on this little ditty. I introduced the ‘Rooms to last week and it unleashed a crafting monster mutated from visual stimuli overload. He ate glue sticks for breakfast one day I think… This in turn unleashed my green-eyed monster, and I spent a couple of days jealous and pouty that I couldn’t get in on any of the fun crafting action happening back in Astoria. But alas “working” is the necessary evil. After all, I have to put food on the table paint in the cabinet somehow.

But check out the wicked awesome pipe/lamp/bookshelf extravaganza he screwed together one day. AND wired himself. No pre-done kit for this budding electrician!

Someday we want to do the papa bear version like over at The Brick House bloggity blog, full instructions (and shopping list!) here. But again, like much of crafting and DIYing it’s not the individual pieces that are expensive, it’s the entire loot that would set us back too many rubles at the moment. Thank goodness spring is upon us and it will soon be time for prime street pickins! Hope I find something during the dogs bedtime walk… see you later!

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