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Oct 11, 2012

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Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis reservoir in central park

My Mother is in town internet! Some of my favorite things about people visiting me in New York is that 1. It forces me to leave the house 2. You have excuses to do ‘touristy’ type things (within reason, there are certain things I simply won’t do, like the statue of liberty) 3. If it’s a parent, they like to pay!

Yesterday we picked up and rented a couple bikes for 2 hours and biked the loop in Central Park. After a rainy morning the afternoon turned into totally beautiful and awesome fall weather. Aside from the hilly northern part of the park near the Harlem Meer the ride was a total breeze. Those hills are serious up there yo’! At one point I got passed by a runner, soooooo take your humble pie along with you for a snack. We rented our bikes from Central Park Bike Rental on W 57th, 14 bucks per person for two hours if you book online. Reasonable and worth it.

lookup in New York City Hells Kitchen

I also like that visiting with people I’m reminded to look up and slow down. Living in the city you tend to bustle and hustle, weave and bob, and just get where you’re going as fast as you can because you don’t need to look around, you live here. But stopping to ‘smell the fumes’ and look at that tiny corner building on 9th Ave and W 57th that you totally love but totally forgot about is refreshing. It reminds you why you moved to this hell hole and pay thousands in rent every month in the first place. I HEART YOU NEW YORK, no matter what I might say when I’m stuck on the N Train during rush hour.

Ponche Taqueria & Cantina in Hells Kitchen NYC

Eating of course is a highlight for visitors too. People coming to New York LOVE to eat our snacks. Which is awesome, I also love to eat. Plus you can distract them from the fact that the only thing in your fridge is coffee, milk, and a stray jalepeno. Since we were in Midtown after the bike ride it was the perfect excuse to take my mother to Pónche, a little taqueria BYOB restaurant in Hells Kitchen. A tiny little nook in the wall with amazing tacos, guac, chilequiles, + you can bring your own booze. It’s amazing and out of the way and never crowded. They do a ton of delivery, if I lived near them I would eat their mahi tacos and verde chicken chilequiles exclusively.

old Planet Hollywood location in Times Square 45th and Broadway

PRO TIP: If you get your host/guide a little bit drunk at dinner you might convince them to walk through Times Square with you. Fun fact, wayyyyyy back in the day when I was still performing I worked at the corner 45th and Broadway at Planet Hollywood Times Square and slung burgers and fries to the masses while auditioning all day etc etc etc. Living. The. Dream. It was interesting to see the changes to the ‘hood, the Planet is currently under construction to reopen late 2012 and the Forever 21 used to be the Virgin mega store “back in my day.”

Off to see Barbara Streisand at the new Barclay Center this evening which means dinner in Brooklyn! Think we’ll hit up Fort Greene. Follow along on twitter and instagram for food porn and city views!

Oh yeah, PS. The hand-holding-man-friend’s move went just fine. I drove  a 10 foot moving truck and didn’t hit anything or anyone and no furniture or bones were broken. Yay, stay tuned for lots of Forest Hills, Queens updates!

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