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Sep 2, 2011

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from etsyI’ve gotta hand it to these Etsy folks. They make a good handmade presentation as well as a product. Whenever I order something I’m as excited to see how it’s wrapped as I am excited to get whats inside. Tru.che being no exception. ? That twine. ? The hand stamped and written note. ? Custom stamped brown paper packaging. You know how I feel about kraft paper.

Oh yeah, whats inside? The wood grain heart necklace showed up at my door this week as a surprise thank you from the ‘Rooms Sophie for being such a good substitute cat mom.

After all I did save her from the wrath of hurricane Irene and provide her with those clockwork timed meals from the food robot. What astounds me is how Sophie ever found my pinterest board and set up her own pay pal account. Maybe she learned it from her Daddy. {winky face} Hugs from 2R.

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