You know you need a vacation when…

You know you need a vacation when...

 The sight of an empty email inbox at 9:00 A.M. brings tears of joy to your eyes. Orrrrrrrr maybe this happens…

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Internet: A Love Story – Facebook Edition

Internet: A Love Story - Facebook Edition

On my  hour long 2 train+20 minute trek from hell daily commute to the cubie the other day I was flipping through late night Facebook status’/ status’s?/ stati?/ statusesees? and Twitter updates that were happening while I was getting my beauty rest and I see a friend of mine’s status “I just had a pizza topped with […]

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Full House – Empty Closet

Full House - Empty Closet

Guess who’s coming to dinner? The ‘Rooms is back! Soph and I are super excited to have a break from staring at just each other all night and Otto is pleased to be reunited with his chair/throne, even if it is only for a hot second before leaving again for another gig and the next stranger subletter […]

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Too hot to trot

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Too hot to trot

So its hot hot hot in the city this week. Summer is here in full force. On the trek to the train this morning I looked up from my iced coffee IV to notice a peculiar sky line. No buildings?!?!?! Usually from this spot you can see the Chrysler Building and some of the Empire State Building and all […]

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