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May 8, 2012

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indoor gardening event hosted by CB2

Went to a little DIY event Saturday on the Eastside. It was hosted by CB2 with special guests Urban Garden NYC and Domestic Construction. Dig into spring! Dimitri Gatanas from the Urban Garden Center talked all about how to build yourself some plants and stuff, then Trish Andersen from Domestic Construction swooped in and suggested that if you perhaps have a black thumb or no desire for planting to go ahead and make yourself some paper flowers because they’re just as good. And quirky. She specifically stated she likes her paper flowers crazy looking, and I knew we were crafty soul mates.

It was fun and a nice little Saturday afternoon activity, but I just wished it would have been more hands on. I’ve been thinking about plants for the new apartment because we finally have TONS of light and space and green things are good for you. But I know zero about gardening or keeping things alive. Maybe I’ll go the air plant route, but did you know that you have to soak those things or something? I mean really, that sounds about as high maintenance as orchids, and I’ve already killed one of those in my lifetime. Poor thing, didn’t stand a chance.

I was really prepared to get my hands dirty and maybe come home with a plant in a CB2 pot, I mean I’m totally susceptible to propaganda, if you get me in love with something and I get all caught up in the moment, I’ll buy the shit out of it. The event might have definitely needed champagne, people in my group needed to loosen up, everyone kind of sat there in a daze and then it was over. Like an awkward first date where no one knows whether to move on from drinks to dinner. Plus the Eastside CB2 is big and spacious, which is nice for shopping but kind of made the event seem disjointed. The floral arrangements were so far from the gardening/crafts, which was ALL the way across the store from the snacks, and snacks are what really brings people together.

But that’s just me. I had a good time, and I’d go back again. Hope they do more of these in the future and add some André. Like drunk brunch + shopping, that’s what New Yorker’s do best.

Urban Garden Center and Domestic Construction demonstrating

What about you guys? Any indoor plant recommendations? Are air plants really not that terrifying? Should I get a succulent? I’ll be consulting the google, and I’ll let you know what I turn up.

PS. Dimitri, thank you for spilling dirt everywhere during your plant demo, because that shits real. I know that doesn’t go over well with the uptight upper east side D&D crowd, but I heart you for it!

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Joe May 9, 2012 at 11:19 am

Looks like fun! They definitely should have had you guys in more of a DIY mode. Everyone needs to get their hands dirty and walk away with something for their place of dwelling. It’s good for business!


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