Citrus-y pizza face{mask}

Oct 11, 2011

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garlic, citrus, and greek yogurt. not dinner, a face mask.Check it out. I’m finally sharing this amazing facemask with you guys! Awhile back I was having brunch with a lady friend of mine talking about her wedding cupcake stand when I suddenly had to stop the conversation and ask her what the hell she was using on her skin to look so damn moist and refreshed and healthy. I’m pretty sure if I ever get married I’ll look like a complete disastrous wreck and need a full professional nip tuck/spackle job to get presentable for the big day.

Anyway, she’s awesome and a total full disclosure type, plus a nutritional wellness guru and shared this little facemask concoction she conjured up the night before. I was skeptical but heck, I was looking rough. Its cheap & easy. And all the ingredients were in my regular grocery store aisles. Just take all the bits and pieces put them together whisk it up for a minute and slather on, let dry, then rinse off.

A few tips.

  • Take the extra 5 seconds to really mince and smash that garlic. Smaller the better. You’re putting it on your face not roasting it on a piece of bread.

  • Play with the milk/yogurt ratio for a thicker or thinner consistency to your liking. It will be runny and dry like egg whites on your face. This isn’t your momma’s thick cold creme mask.

  • This makes a lot and keeps in the fridge for around a week. So stick it in a jar in the fridge and enjoy nightly for cool refreshing youthful treat.

  • I prefer to apply mine with a craft sponge cause it feels nice plus application is much easier than hands considering the runny consistency.

And that’s about it. If you want to know all about the whole “reasons why this works” + food properties and shiz go check out my lady friends nutritional wellness biz and get your health on! Oh yeah, p.s. this mask smells exactly like you think it would smell. But I used to pay $60 a tube for the “luxury” of a sulfur face mask that smelled like rotten eggs/dead babies. Soooooooo, save $57.00 and rock this instead. Bye now.

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Erica October 13, 2011 at 12:55 pm

Ok, that is the craziest mask recipe I’ve ever heard of, but I am totally going to try it out. I do one with honey, cinnamon and nutmeg that I love. Thanks for sharing!

North Meets South


B.Strave October 13, 2011 at 1:08 pm

Oh that sounds spicy! And fall-y and holiday-y…. Do tell!

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