Well hello, Dolly(s)

Aug 17, 2012

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jade growing after re-potting

Internet, meet Dolly. Dolly, the internet. Now everyone get good and acquainted now and no one go dying on me ok? I’m talking seriously to both parties with my hands on hips. Internet do not go abandoning me because Dolly is expecting to be doted upon. And Dolly, well stop looking so rough and shedding so profusely. We all want to be skinny, but damn girl. Get it together.

Thanks to reader James’ comment submission of a “clone” name (since you know, they’re all the same?) I decided to name the jade collectively as a group Dolly. Like the cloned sheep. Remember that, circa 1996? Just in case anyone was feeling young and spry today on this Friday in August. Suck on that. Where were you when Dolly was born?

a drill bit and some thrifted pots equal planters!

I suspect the potting process is really what I enjoy most about plant owning/caring. Figures. Pretty pretty on the outside, but drowning on the inside. I found these three aztec-y pots awhile back at the thrift store. I think I bought all three for twenty bucks or so. One was missing a lid, NBD, plants don’t need lids. Then I swift like went to the hardware store (local, not the ‘Depot) and asked the nice old Greek man for the biggest drill bit he had that would drill ceramic. He was nice, and didn’t once look at me like I had seven cloned alien heads like they do at a certain orange box store…

In true Cubicle57 fashion, I then hoarded all of these items in an empty corner of the apartment for a couple months until I felt sufficiently procrastimotivated and repotted everything in the span of twenty minutes. Whatever. Its my method ok?

Oh, and the teapot we’ve had forever, it came in a thrift haul years ago. It used to hold dog treats, but obviously is a kick ass jade vessel.

Have a great weekend everyone! I hope you procrastiproject something, or not, don’t let me pressure you. Internet hug to James again for the Dolly namesaking!


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