Dreaming of Dwell-ing

Mar 29, 2011

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Taking a break from thinking about street furniture and recycled finds to dream of possessing the liquid cash/available credit to buy new.

It’s a beautiful sunny day outside and AT was telling me over my morning coffee that DwellStudio has released a line of upholstered furniture. After coming to, cleaning up the coffee spill, and picking myself up off the floor I immediately clicked over to their site! Basically a Dweller’s dream come true. You can now get an entire bed or chair upholstered in their outrageously beautiful textiles that you’ve been ogling from their bedding lines. And heck if you’ve got the 300 cash dollars to spend on a duvet, spending $1,450 for an entire upholstered bed seems like a great bang for your bucks.

bed, chair, duvet, and sheet set from dwell studio

Insert my fantastical dreamings bedroom.

I like to dream realistically however, I can’t help it. Just for fun, everything in this picture costs $2,950. Not including taxes and shipping (come on, I can’t get that serious, if I put it all in a shopping cart I might accidentally black out and click buy, maxing out the ‘ole Visa, and never eat again). At my current rate of savings I would be able to afford this bedroom in the year 2023. Something to dream about for sure, and I’m positive my then 39-year-old self would sleep so soundly on a veritable cloud of fancy textiles.

So click on over to Dwell’s web-home and go ahead and mix and match your dream bedroom all in one place. Then go find $3,000 dollars on the street!

Image credits: all DwellStudio

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