The East Pole: Bougie Brunch on the Upper East Side

Feb 23, 2014

in Food

brunch with a rustic window seat

For v-day this year, the hand-holding-man-friend and I decided that instead of going to dinner (on a Friday no less) and suffering through some terrible no good pre fixe, we would save our romantic dinner time dollars for our actual favorite meal of the week—BRUNCH!!

The East Pole is in a cute little brownstone on East 65th right off of Lexington, so N/Q/R/F/4/5/6 riders, this is a good spot for you! I was worried that brunch being what it is in New York we were going to have to contend with some Upper East Side clamoring for a table, but when we walked in around 1:00 the downstairs was bustling and inviting but not hectic. They actually ushered us upstairs to The Map Room which had been converted from the looks of their website from a big communal event space to a bunch of deuces for the big romantic event of the weekend. The window seat tables even had blankets on the benches for maximum coziness!

english breakfast toast and jam cozy decor brunch

The food, the cocktails, the decor, and the service were top notch. The menu is medium pricey for a typical brunch, $12 for brunch cocktails and $18-25 for entrees, but both food and drink were well worth it. Ps. definitely get the $10 toast with jams and ricotta, the apricot marmalade situation made my heart sing!

Though it was more than we’d usually spend on a casual brunch, in the realm of a Valentine’s Day or even a proper date night, dropping a hundo on brunch is on the low end really… Plus, after brunch we walked across the park as it started to snow (eye roll, I know) and went shopping for “gifts.” I upgraded my iPhone to the 5S, and Joe bought nice wool pants at JCrew. Because really, if you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?

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