Fall: A love letter

Nov 8, 2011

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leaves against concrete, best sound ever

Every morning on my way to the office I walk to work through the northern half of the block that the Museum of Natural History occupies. It’s a mini green space with lots of trees, benches, grass, and a great dog park that is THE place to be on the UWS at 8:45am if you’re anydog who’s anyone. This is sometimes my favorite time of the day. A serenely peaceful two minutes and fifteen seconds where I attempt to eradicate the past hour of commuting woe and just exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen and smile like a lunatic at the happy dogs just out of their minds with excitement to run and jump and play and exercise their night apartment legs.

Fall is my ultimate favorite season. I love the activities, the smells, the layering, and the foliage. The crunch and the crisp skitter of leaves across pavement is one of my most favorite sounds of all time. If you recorded this sound and played it for me, I’m quite sure I would have a Pavlovian response and immediately smell the earth and feel the cool sunshine on my face and instinctively reach for a scarf to wrap up.

Its been an odd fall in New York. Wild up and down temps, a serious snow situation before Halloween, and now this week we’re back to highs of 70 like its spring. This morning on the N train I allowed a little daydream that it was in fact April and winter had already come and gone…

Regardless, I still love you fall. I still love you NYC. No matter what I might say during the coming winter months, please refer to this posting for positivity.


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