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Sep 20, 2011

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GODIS ikea glasses

Meet our sole surviving GODIS MIX glass from IKEA. We used to have six of these puppies that I’m sure we bought for approx. 49¢ back in the day. But its been a tough almost four years in 2R. Subletters+cat+dog+reckless liquid drinkers = one lone short glass in the cupboard. I looked to see if they still make ’em and no such luck. They do make these Chartreuse patterned ones that look pretty spiffy though.

If you come by 2R and you see this puppy in the dish-rack you know somebody is battling the sickness. It is the perfect vehicle for Emergen-C and utilized almost exclusively so. This baby and the neti-pot are my sole line of defense against fall ragweed turning into a sinus infection. I lost the battle this week. Threw up the white tissue this morning and treated myself to a sick day. Its cold and rainy anyway, and Soph-soph needs snuggles so she’ll stop yowling through the night.

Thanks for being there internet! Ooh, & I’m getting a new fancy-schmancy camera this week so we’ll talk soon all about that. Think about how many more cat photos I can take! In the meantime, have any good home sickness remedies to share?

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J.David September 20, 2011 at 4:38 pm

We are pitiful. That really is ALL we use that glass for. We need to make the trip out to Ikea to get the chartreuse ones. Think how nice they’ll look with our new winter white dishes…


lesley September 21, 2011 at 5:16 pm

I usually hate chicken soup, because it makes me FEEL sick even when I’m not, but the last time I had a summer cold, I slurped up some of Guy and Gallard’s finest chicken noodle soup and INSTANTLY felt better. The broth legitimately has some healing properties. Other than that, keep drinking that Emergen-C…I enjoy the pink lemonade flavor, while also supporting the fight against breast cancer. Feel better!


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