A gentle users guide to Instagram (video) by Casey Neistat

Oct 3, 2012

in Work

Let’s talk Instagram. Or “the ‘grams” as I lovingly like to refer to it. Whenever the blog is quiet over here you can probably find me over on the grams (username: cubicle57blog) taking cat photos or food photos or running photos (well not so much lately, my fall allergies have put a halt to all running).

There’s some talk about whether Instagram has ruined blogging i.e. people are sharing photos and short bursts over on that platform and blogging less. Which ok, I guess is a thing. But personally I think that there is enough internet to go around, and you will follow someone exactly as much as you want to consume. I don’t blog daily, so for me sharing stuff on Instagram is supplemental. If you want all me all the time, go to my twitter for that. That said, there are bloggers that I follow on twitter and such that I stopped following on Instagram because I don’t like the way they ‘gram. And that is totally not a judgement factor on photo quality or art or any of those things. Its simply a matter of preference about what I want to see, and it’s not 7,000 grainy selfies. #OOTD (outfit of the day) is one thing, but a constant stream of your pouty face is just not what I want. Its too much for me. Luckily the internet gives us the unfollow option. So hey, it’s not that I don’t like you, and I’ll probably still follow you somewhere else, but if your instavibe (yeah, made that up) doesn’t mesh with my highly curated feed you’re out. Come back when there’s more cat photos (shameless).

Anyway, this guy says it way better. Casey Neistat is a YouTube filmmaker and super talented and I loved this vid so I just wanted to share it with you.

PS. All of my Instagram photos live in this special gallery here on this here blog. Also, I love living in a world where YouTube filmmaker is a profession. Go internet.

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