Gratuitous wedding photos courtesy of Olympus Pen Ready

Oct 1, 2011

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silver cup studios in LIC through the rain

Remember when my friends got married and I made their cupcake stand? Well it was also a great night because I got to test out my new fancy schmancy PEN E-PM1 from Olympus. Its a new camera they’re doing this huge & fun marketing campaign for. Promoting the camera as a compact, streamlined DSLR (Re:fancy & HUGE step up from my cell phone camera. Obviously.). Perfect for great pics on the go! {ok, I dunno, I made that last part up} but seriously its a pretty fantastic camera. Now I just have to learn how to use it. Aperture. The ‘Rooms favorite word.

Anywho, I am blessed and lucky enough to be Facebook friends with an old girlfriend of mine from college who works for Mullen, the ad agency in Boston, MA  who handles Olympus.  She contacted me  asking if I wanted to get a free camera in exchange for uploading some photos to their public site. Excuse me? I was absolutely 100% available. And I can blog about it and everything. P.S. Go follow @GetOlympus on Twitter and hashtag #penready because they’re doing this whole promo thing where they go around the country giving people cameras and they do fun hints and maps and riddles. And I don’t know you or where you live, but that would be wicked awesome right?

So yeah, anyway, I’ll be trying to take better pictures around here obviously. So don’t mind me if I just post some pretty random things and if you’re a fancy picture taker *ahem* photographer go ahead and share some tips. Awesome. Also you can check out my photos I post over here on their site too, along with everyone elses!

Yep, that’s right, they had a mariachi band at their wedding. Epic win.

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