Guesting: Fashion Edition

Oct 25, 2011

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 Hey guys. I’m totally moonlighting as a fashion blogger today over at Shoplet Blog. Grace contacted me awhile back just chattin it up about our mutual love of paper clips & post-its & such. I noticed that she had a whole office fashion page on her blog that wasn’t getting much love {Grace now works from home a.k.a. my ultimate dream of dreams} so I volunteered to go ahead and put some stuff there. Sound like fun? I dunno, but I do a lot of online window shopping and I was playing around in the poor mans photoshop pixlr anyway so I put together a little ditty inspired by the colors in this picture I took last week in Central Park.

deep rose for fall fashion inspiration

Cheers, see you later internet.

***Disclaimer: I do not own any of the items in this outfit, but totally wish I did. My fall uniform seems to be ankle length menswear inspired pants and black canvas TOMS which I am now quite happily sporting with socks as the temperature continues to drop, much to the ‘Rooms chagrin.***

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