Creative Services

I am currently accepting freelance work, email with inquiries.

Custom WordPress Web Design

I build websites and custom blogs built on WordPress using the Thesis framework. I’ll build the site so you can take it and build your business. WordPress is a top blogging CMS out there today and with Thesis framework I can build your site as a traditional website with a blog component or just a blog if that’s all you need. The best part? WordPress is insanely intuitive and easy to use so you won’t need to go running to your web developer every time you need to update your content! Email me with your needs for a custom quote.

Social Media Training and Consultation

At MakeYourMediaSocial I conduct social media training and consultation for entrepreneurs and small businesses who need help getting started and navigating today’s social media climate. This means Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, you name it, if you need to be on it I’ll help you look and operate at your best. contact me for rates.

Internet Audit

You’ve been blogging for awhile and maybe your site or approach could use a fresh pair of eyes. I will look at EVERYTHING. From your site, to your blog content, to its organization, to your social media efforts and outreach. I’ll create a custom plan of action highlighting your strengths and create suggestions for what could be tweaked. This service is kind of like seeing a life coach, but for your internet self.

WordPress Wrangling

You need tweaks to your site, but either don’t have the time or the know how. Social media buttons, new menu’s, fancy footer content, plug-ins, widgets, images sliders and galleries. I can help, no pixel is too small.

Copy Writing

Writing copy is hard. Writing copy about yourself is harder. Do you need witty concise and engaging copy for your website or email marketing? I can whip your thoughts into organized and digestible content that will engage your readers.

And of  course, you can connect with me on LinkedIn to see a full resume and references.