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Apr 14, 2011

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Spring is here, or at least it’s really trying now… Which means of course that summer BBQ/beach time is just around the corner. Better start planning now!!!

Motivation for this little ditty came from this galvanized steel tub turned classy bench by Katie Thompson, an amazing designer out of South Africa who founded ReCreate. My friend and I were commenting back and forth on  pinterest (as you do), and she suggested filling it with ice and stashing a 6 pack inside! Perhaps a delicious summer ale from Long Island based Blue Point Brewery. Which in turn got me thinking…  Add a big ‘ole beach umbrella like the Le Pixel from Basil Bangs, throw in a couple hundred Fla-vor-ice’s and you’ve got some bonified chic fun in the sun.

Recipe for success for summer fun in the sun!

So get yourself one of these here fancy coolers and hitch it on over to Jones Beach, or your friends back yard, or heck, even pop it on your rooftop and kick off the summer season right!

Image Credit: all as linked in text. Click ’em!


Because this song makes me wanna get my beverage sipping, Fla-vor-ice eating party on.


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