How does your garden grow? Window herb garden edition.

Jun 7, 2012

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follow instructions for finished herb garden

It’s finally here in all its glory. The hanging herb garden of my dreams. I’ve been practicing my green thumb for weeks ever since the CB2 DIY event. I began with Patrice, my first attempt at living things and have been slowing working up to this masterpiece. Born from a lack of desire to problem solve our weird kitchen window and fashion myself some kind of window box solution for an herb garden. I decided to take that shit up top. It also gave me a chance to bring the neon twine I had been hoarding for a while into the house decor. Since proclaiming my love for neon, it seemed only natural.

Ok first. Gather your supplies. You will need…

dogs are the worst project managers

String. I originally bought polypropylene rope that you would use for an outdoor clothesline etc and meant to utilize this neon mason twine for another project. But for these tiny pots and plants the thick rope was too oversized in scale and function for my delicate living things. You can see that big ole fail on Facebook.

Metal rings. They’re around a dollar at your local hardware store or the ‘Depot. I found mine lurking in the same aisle as the rope and twine and things. Convenient I know. Otherwise show the guy/gal this picture and they can help you, or hold your fingers in a circle shape while saying things like; hang, steel, or ringy thingy.

pot your plants

Pots. I used the tiny clay ones because they’re herb sized and cheap. Don’t let ME bully you into an herb garden. If you wanna hang your pencils in a pot go for it.

Herbs, flowers, or whatever you’re going to hang.  I’ve already potted these so I won’t show you here. But go check how I did Patrice if you need to see that.

crucial step of measuring and cutting string

To start cut eight pieces of string about four feet long. Tie these strings together in a knot around your ring. Disclaimer :: the following measurements are best for these tiny pots. I experimented after starting with this tutorial for a big girl hanging plant / tiny pot fail. For great photos of the tying process please go here, here, and here.

For this part hang your ring on anything handy and take two pieces of string next to each other and tie together about 8-10″ down from the ring, do this all the way around your strings. You will have four knots. Try to keep your knots even, obviously. Tie another set of knots about 4-5″ down from those. Again be sure you knot the strings that are next to each other. This isn’t cats cradle, your hanging planter will need to open. The next two sets are about 2-3 inches apart. I like them close because it makes it really “webby” (Alert :: technical string term), but do what you want.

To finish, tie all the strings in one big knot at the base. Your pot of choice will rest on this big knot, so make it a sturdy one.

place plant in finished hanging holder

Take the saucer that your pot will sit in and slide it into the web. Place your potted plant inside and boom, hanging plant. Water it.

Your first hanging apparatus will take you about seven hours (rough estimate) to figure out what your nimble fingers are doing with all those freaking strings. The next three will take about fifteen minutes total.

finished hanging window herb garden

For now I hung mine on some hooks that were already flanking our kitchen window, but long-term I think I’m going to get a curtain rod I don’t hate and hang them across the window. Fancy. In the meantime I will try not to light the rosemary on fire because yes, that IS awfully close to the stove and oven. Make. It. Werq.

Best part about this? Herbs are crazy cheap so if something dies I can just go get another. Thanks for playing. This kitchen window is hard to take a photo of with my sub par photography skills but when I get the final version hung I’ll update you with a better shot. Happy planting!

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Alisa June 7, 2012 at 1:52 pm

Why yes, I do want to hang my pencils in a pot!


B.Strave June 7, 2012 at 2:01 pm

Do it! It’s all the rage! Get one of those IKEA hang-y thingie-ma-bobs and string it up!

Plus, pencils don’t need water! Bonus.

perishableitem June 7, 2012 at 10:27 pm

Those look so good, the neon is perfect. I wish I could keep thing alive, my roommate is secretly keeping any plants I have alive.


Ann November 7, 2012 at 3:18 pm

I like that you included the saucer in your hanging plant, most of the other examples I’ve seen just have the pot, what a mess that’d be when I water them!


Beckie November 7, 2012 at 11:27 pm

I like to keep it real Ann. All of my plants have saucers here and always will. I am a habitual over waterer so it’s pretty important!

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