How To: Turn your love of cat photos into productivity?

Nov 18, 2011

in Work

productivity tool with cats

Write 100 words, get  a randomly selected picture of a cute kitteh. It’s that simple. And it is of course awesome. Written? Kitten! is a website thrown together in an afternoon {read here} by Australian creatives and web designers Alex & Emily, similar to Write or Die but as they say “without the AUGH AUGH OH NO AAUUUUGHHHH DIEEE!!!!, and with more cuteness and fluff.”

This has of course revolutionized my Friday morning. I will henceforth be using this site to draft all dull and passive aggressive email communication for work. That way at least I get something pleasurable for my time spent. Plus keeping it under 100 words is always best because let’s face it, that’s about all that fits in my preview pane and if you haven’t made your point by then and I have to open up that full email you’re dead to me and getting moved to the bottom of the task list… Efficiency is king in my system.

Alternatively, this could also be useful for drafting those angry emails that you never send but just need to get out of your system. Type away your anger and then let a cute fluffy nugget melt your heart back to the loving, caring soul that you naturally are.

Happy Friday internetz, enjoy your cat photos!

P.s. I have obviously had a long month if I’m resorting to random cat photos for soul thawing. Next week I’ll be traveling to the land of my birth for a much-needed vacay and the Thanksgiving holiday. I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting, but my mother has two cats and my brother has a dog, plus I think some of my cousins have babies so there are likely to be at least animal photos cropping up on twitter! See you around!

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Holly November 18, 2011 at 12:24 pm

Nope. Now I’m just going to waste time typing random letters into that thing just so I can see pictures of cats — which will waste more time than if I had just clicked on the pictures of cats directly from Reddit.


B.Strave November 18, 2011 at 12:28 pm

a definite trap. as you can see from my example i simply typed in the word kitten 100 times. actually, i copy and pasted 99 times. even though i knew i was going to blog about it and should have typed that? yup, sometimes prodcutivity isn’t meant to be had. i do love that super cute cat photo though…

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