‘I carried the watermelon’

Mar 12, 2011

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OK, so I didn’t carry the watermelon. Its March, they’re not looking delicious. I DID however carry home the Krylon watermelon spray paint from the fantastic new-ish Michaels on the UWS. You know, that area in the upper 90’s where they’re turning it into a bonified strip mall worthy of any medium-sized town in Ohio? Can we all scream Home Goods!!!!!

Listen, gentrified schmetrified, my corn-fed inner self is head over heels happy that so many of my favorite things will be conveniently located three short stops away from my place of craft earning funds employment. I mean, I could almost go over lunch, except that it takes about 20 minutes to find anyone to let you into the super-duper lock down spray paint cabinet. Then you must submit to a background check and retinol scan while repeating “I will not huff,” just to have your shiny new spray paint pried from your trigger finger hand and escorted to the cashier for you. All while you wait in line for another 20 minutes with every mother/nanny and stroller on the UWS preparing for their own craft weekend.

I’d give you a play by play of my project  except that its pretty self-explanatory.

  1. Have old crappy candle sticks.
  2. A desire to get in on that Pantone Color of the Year
  3. Spend 7 bucks, take the train home, and paint on the roof at 9:00 at night! (Because I’m a child, I can’t wait for daylight)
Ignore the gold ring on my high tech trashbag dropcloth *different project!

Totally into it!

And that’s that!  This was really more of a test to see how I felt about this whole pink thing (I do enjoy a good color fad). Plus I was real tired of looking at those ‘ole tired sticks!

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J.David March 13, 2011 at 9:54 pm

Watermelon is the color of the season you know!


Cliff June 6, 2011 at 7:34 pm

Holy cow! those came out really nice! It’s amazing what coat of Krylon will do. I went crazy with some other colors.. will post soon! Great job!!


B.Strave June 6, 2011 at 8:10 pm

Thanks, I’ve got another Watermelon project in the works, but they seem to be keeping that color on lockdown at the local Michaels, I promised them my firstborn, so we’ll see what they can do… ;-)

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