Iced Coffee + Pinterest + Etsy = Possible Poorhouse

Aug 23, 2011

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So another round of full internet disclosure coming your way. Last week I tweeted (p.s. go follow me and you’ll be in the loop next time) that I went a little nutso on Etsy and bought a few things in a retail therapy black-out, then totally forgot about it until sweet little packages started showing up at the office for me.

P.S. I highly recommend doing this for three reasons

  1. Then the post office can’t hold your package hostage because it won’t fit in your teeny tiny letter sized “mailbox.”
  2. Our mailman tends to ignore the size problem and will smush things in there just to see how much will fit and I don’t want my brand spankin new postcards suffering the same fate as my House Beautiful and Dwell everything month.
  3. Getting good mail at the office just plain ole makes your day suck less.

Anyway…. I didn’t feel too guilty about the previous Etsy splurge because, except for the postcards, they were birthday presents for the ‘Rooms (who, p.s. if you don’t send me your jet setting address will be present-less).


Ahem…This time I blacked out and bought the most fabulous bracelet/cuff of all time. I think I was lulled into a false sense of security by working some overtime this weekend. It was 50 smackers. Which for me is like 9 million dollars. I could have bought 10 things at the thrift store for that, or 150 ramens. BUT, it is awesome, handmade, and by golly just like L’Oreal I’m worth it! Sometimes. I am still giving myself homemade haircuts…


bronze queens subway sign cuff by lisa york

Image: Lisa York

This awesome copper bracelet was made by Lisa York, of Fugudesigns based in Chicago. She does metal bracelets and cuffs and jeweleries and such. I found Ms. York via the wonderful land of Pins from a Chicago based friend of mine who pinned a map cuff of hers. I should probably stop following this gal’s boards cuz she is always pinning things that I reallyneed to buy, but oh well, THAT’LL NEVER HAPPEN, WHAT IF I MISS SOMETHING REALLY AMAZING ON PINTEREST?!?!!?!?! Obviously. I don’t know if sarcasm translates to the internet as well as it should so I went ahead and ALL-CAPS’D that to get my point across!


Too much coffee. With the end of summer coming I’m downing all the iced coffee I can get my chilled hands on. And clearly it’s doing odd things to my sense of reasoning. At least my impeccable taste remains unaffected! Hugs everyone, stay away from that coffee and you should be safe from unwarranted internet splurges. If you’re not, share some of your good finds with a gal over on Pinterest. Enablers unite!

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jenny August 23, 2011 at 5:53 pm

Don’t lie, you’ll never stop following me on Pinterest. Also, you should ALWAYS ignore the things on that particular board; they are all the things I want but attempt to avoid buying.


B.Strave August 23, 2011 at 8:40 pm

You are correct. You are the definition of right-ness ;-) Sometimes in moments of weakness I forget that I’m constantly mere dollars away from living in a cardboard box in central park…

Katie Hutchinson August 25, 2011 at 10:36 am

LOVE this post!!! And LOVE this cuff – I want it too!!!! Can you send me the link to the etsy account please mam? Ps – i feel you about retail therapy black-outs caused by iced coffee fits lol God I miss you!


B.Strave August 30, 2011 at 4:15 pm

Young lady the etsy store is linked in the post. I’m standing my internet ground and believing in your ability to click your own hyperlink. Otherwise what am I doing here :-) Hugs <3 you!

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