If you build it, they will come?

Apr 12, 2011

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So every few months the ‘Rooms tries to convince me to move to Brooklyn. And while I am tempted, and I do like to visit and take absurdly large/heavy things  treasures home on the train from the Brooklyn Flea, I’m not sure drinking the full strength Brooklyn kombucha is for me… Competing in the hippest of hipster contest everyday in and out of the borough would get tiresome. Its like if you ate ice cream everyday for lunch, you’d eventually tire of it right? That reminds me, it’s Mister Softee season…

Soooooo,  when I came across these lovelies via poppytalk I knew I had found my Brooklyn placebo.

Build Your Block pillows by Patrick Chirico

Insert the Build Your Block pillow collection created by Patrick Chirico. Throw pillows inspired by and modeled after urban buildings like brownstones, your corner deli, the restaurant two doors down, the vacant building on your block that you pray doesn’t turn into a nightclub (&/or hookah bar in our Astoria hood). He even has little mini nugget pillows with things like stop signs, trash cans, and the falafel cart! Click here to view the entire collection at Design Public and build your own dream block.

Though these pillows aren’t cheap (bwtn $20-$80/each), building your own little private Brooklyn block for your sofa is still more economical than moving. Plus you can get rid of that annoying abandoned eyesore across the way once and for all!

Images: Design Public as linked.

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Lila June 2, 2011 at 9:36 am

I love these pillows. i bought several from http://www.couturedeco.com and they are amazing. I got a lot of compliments from my friends.


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