It’s hard being Steinway

Apr 8, 2012

in None, Queens

litter everywhere

I say it every Sunday on Twitter & and the F-book. But I really do hate Steinway. Steinway is the street I live (hopefully soon, lived) on in Astoria. It’s a dirty disgusting refuse for all that is wrong with this world. I’m talking about the human fucking decency it takes to pick up after yourself.

Back in the day I would avoid the strip all together but when i started dating the hand-holding-man-friend it became the necessary route between our two worlds. It’s really horrible, and a couple times a week I find myself traveling to or fro. Lately my distaste has gotten so bad that I find myself on the brink of a toddler temper tantrum just thinking about having to transverse its littered cement path.

There is trash and inconsiderate people everywhere. The smell of dirty hookah and last nights bad decisions hang heavy in the air. I find myself wanting to shake my fist at passers by and scream “pick up after yourself for Christ/Alah/Buddah’s sake!” But you can’t shame someone who sees no wrong in their actions. Why wouldn’t you just throw your empty fast food bags and marlboro light cartons at your feet when you have finished consuming their worth? People like that are what make me never want to leave my house.

I follow a blogger/designer on twitter and instagram who started documenting her toddler externalizing the exact temper tantrum I feel myself having inside. She even curates them in a tumblr for her coping, and our amusement, I obviously heart it. Maybe a tumblr of Steinway trash would help me cope.

But really, when did we develop the ability to control our base instincts and not throw ourselves face down to the ground to protest the grave injustices to our happiness? Here’s to you Tilo, I get it little guy. It’s hard being two and its hard living on Steinway. See you on the other side.

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jsommo100 April 9, 2012 at 11:30 am

Steinway Sucks!


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