Its my birthday and I’ll find if I want to!

May 26, 2011

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Best. Birthday. Present. Ever.

From the streets of Astoria no less. For FREEEEE!

found in Astoria - off white 4 drawer dresserFound this winner on the fair streets of Astoria walking back from a lovely birthday fried pickle snack at the ‘ole Sweet Afton. At first I attempted to feign disinterest, for fear of scaring off the boy with my scavenging tendencies, and bravely walked away from this wicked sweet find. Reasoning with myself that I didn’t neeeeed it or really have a place for it (honestly when has that ever stopped me? future hoarder) But about halfway down the block I turned back around, because frankly, it was my birthday and I deserved street furniture if I wanted it.

And what would you know? My dinner date offered to carry it FOR me! At which point I passed out from lack of antibodies for gentlemanly behavior. I let him carry it for about a block being all man like and strong and hoisting it over his shoulder and such until I recovered from my shock and he readily accepted my offer to share the burden with him. Not too heavy really for a pretty solid piece of furniture. The ‘Rooms and I have carried heavier/more/further on many an occasion. But it was a fairly sweet bonding moment for the boy and I, our first street furniture carry! Where’s that milestone in the dating manual?

I can’t wait to go all weekend warrior on this mamajama. I’ve decided I’m keeping her, and that its high time for my IKEA Expedit space hogger bookshelf to go… Organizing plans and a shopping list for the long weekend as we speak. Some people go to the Hampton’s to kick off the summer season, I’ll be in my house painting furniture. Cheers to all!

lego necklace and wood block printed cards from EtsyP.S. in case you think I’m some crazy person who only wants trash for her birthday. The ‘Rooms totally came through and used my Pinterest board as a wish list and surprised me with this and this. I haven’t taken that Lego necklace off all week. Its amazing. I pull those brilliant Heather Smith Jones wood block printed cards out and just sniff them and stroke them… (ok I have a problem, but I think they’re just stunning, I’ll most likely frame them for the cubie!). Go get yourself some, you can’t have mine, its my b-day!

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coletto May 29, 2011 at 4:39 pm

That necklace is awesome, I want. If you look on page 43 of The Manual there is an addendum to the help carrying groceries milestone. I think this would qualify.


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