Keeping warm during a rainy cold fall

Oct 3, 2011

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everyone needs a warm coat right?Its rainy and cold in New York, there is a positive chill in the air. It has rained something like 60″ in the city this year as opposed to an average of around 30″. That means some wet cold and depressing commutes are certain to come this winter. I would like to be wearing this coat during all of them. Let me tell you I am about one delayed train or snarky work email away from treating myself to a little bit of retail therapy.

I’ve already justified spending some hard-earned dollars on this textured coat from Banana Republic six ways to Sunday. I probably shouldn’t since I have a perfectly good winter coat lined up in my closet waiting to come out and keep me sensibly warm. But it turns out that Banana Republic/Gap/Old Navy is having a 48 hour SALE 30% off…. A recipe for financial disaster, maybe if I just eat only Top Ramens for an entire month. I’ll let you know if I reach emotional breakdown status and splurge. Wish me luck, or not, I don’t know our enabling status yet  my dearest internet.

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