Lady Business: QNSalon Edition

Apr 12, 2012

in Queens, Work

an evening networking event for Queens business women

A few weeks ago Sarah Burningham from Little Bird Publicity emailed me out of the wild blue yonder of the internet about a new project she and co-creator Chrissy Festa were putting together. QNSalon focuses on bringing together the strong/smart/independent ladies of Queens to network, share ideas, and talk about the business of being a lady in this fine borough of ours. Which is nice, go lady business(es)!

The theme for the first event with guest speaker Alia Akkam, founder of the QNote and contributing editor at Edible Queens, focused of the unique and culturally diverse food offerings in and amongst our far-reaching neighborhoods. Broader than gastronomy, what really touched me was the talk of community and what Queens does differently than Brooklyn and Manhattan and how those choices uniquely shape this fair division of Manhattan proper.

The ‘Rooms and I find ourselves soon hitting our five-year mark in this city and we’ve always called Astoria home. When it came time to talk of moving we briefly flirted with the idea of Washington Heights but ultimately our fondness and desire to stay in Queens has prevailed. I think we were both a little surprised to have bonded with the area so intensely. A lot of my personal Queens network is based online, the people who read the Astoria based experiences I write here, and my daily Twitter based rantings//ravings about life in the borough and in between.

I love all things Internet, so for me to brave it up and go be in a room with other human beings is HUGE. I brought my friend Sara who is a yoga instructor & wellness guru, plus bonified lady business owner hailing from Sunnyside/Woodside. She’s amazing and go check out her services if you’re ready to feel the best you’ve ever felt in your whole life. Personally, I’m in the middle of starting a lady business of my own, MakeYourMediaSocial, which offers social media consolation and training for small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to expand their web presence. Sitting in a room full of strong independent ladies and witnessing others’ successes and passion gave me an unusual amount of hope in a rather bleak streak of my life.

So many many thanks Sarah, Chrissy & Alia for getting a FANTASTIC program off the ground! I am so excited to be a part of it, and tweet about it, and write about it, and champion all things lady business in Queens. Stoked to see where this can go!

PS. isn’t their QNSalon logo just the best? I heart it. It was designed by Nathan Schreiber. Check out his work here.

cute logo for queens salon group

PPS. I started a Twitter list here, so if you were at the event and I haven’t stalked you efficiently yet, leave a comment below with your handle and I’ll add you right in! 

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judy April 12, 2012 at 2:58 pm

good luck with you new endeavor and finding a place to live!
love, Mom


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