Let them eat (wedding) cake

Jul 2, 2012

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red velvet wedding cake

Wedding tidbits to share finally. I am the last of my family to share an album over on Facebook, but I thought I’d put some pretty bits over here. It was a really great simple day. Just two kids making it official surrounded by friends, family, some snacks, and some cake. Red velvet style. Perfect.

sweetheart table at wedding


The bride chose beautiful simple flowers, little baby sunflowers, some greens, some other stuff (I’m obviously not an expert) but I like it all the same. I appreciate a menagerie and an atypical flower choice. Her wedding colors were soft green and yellow and it was just really nice. No big bridal party, just a best man and a maid of honor. Simple ceremony with the most sensible beautiful vows I’ve ever heard. They had to repeat entire paragraphs and I don’t know how they did it. I would never be able to, I’d probably have to blog my vows and direct the audience to the url for later reference. I cried the entire time. Unexpected really, I didn’t show up with tissues because I didn’t know that I was going to be a teary mess. My mother looked at me in the middle and said “what are you doing” because she wasn’t planning on crying either until I started in. Oops. Whatever. Thank goodness the ceremony was short and sweet and then it was on to pictures and reception.

corsage losing its petals due to many hugs


This is my corsage post ushering. So much hugging it suffered from some mild petal loss. By the end of the reception there were pretty much only a few sturdy strays left behind that survived my sweet dance moves and more awkward hugging. I just can’t have nice things.

wedding cake table


The only minor catastrophe of the day was pre-ceremony when the cake topper fell off the top of the cake and the bride’s head broke off. Luckily some quick and stealthy super glue surgery was all that was needed and no one was the wiser. We didn’t tell her till after the ceremony, but really my brothers wife should win bride of the year for how calm and collected she was the entire weekend. So congrats to the bride and groom, and thanks to family and friends for helping out and sharing such an awesome day.

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judy July 2, 2012 at 2:58 pm

only you can pull off those awesome food picts! And, as always, your words are “spot on”.


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