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Apr 8, 2013

in Home

repotting lucky bamboo on the kitchen counter root discovery

You guys. Remember about 7 trillion years ago when I quit my job? A lovely co-worker at the time got me a lucky bamboo to make my life so lucky. I mean, she obviously wasn’t a blog reader or she would know my history with killing all living and green things that come into my house… But, I mean, it’s bamboo: so I went ahead and took it in and stuck it in a corner of my bedroom and tried to remember to water it from time to time.

As you can clearly see though, we have run into an issue… This yellow leaf thing has been happening for about three weeks? I dunno, could be a couple months: basically, I am a horrible no good plant owner and I should be on the banned list at all plant places like you used to see back in the days when people wrote checks and the gas station would have a list of habitual check-bouncers out for all to see.

re-potted lucky bamboo in cat planter in the office with more light

Per usual though, my solution is to re-pot the little guy because maybe he’s just bored and he really wanted to live in that sweet cat vessel I bought on sale at Urban Outfitters about three years ago. PS. did you know that’s what the bamboo roots looked like? I. Was. Horrified. I thought they were going to come alive and eat me.

Any advice is always welcome. I promise I have not been overwatering the little guy. I’m barely remembering to water the rest of my living brood and they’re all thriving… Long live the season of green things—I think I’ll stick to grocery store tulips.

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Nathan September 28, 2013 at 4:30 pm

Bamboo likes it’s roots to be kept in water at all times, don’t let it dry out at all :)


Alecia November 20, 2013 at 10:15 am

New to your blog! Love it! I am horrible at keeping plants alive. Definitely not my strong suite :( Sorry I can’t give any advice. I think I also need to stick to the grocery store flowers.


Beckie November 23, 2013 at 8:46 pm

Thanks for stopping by Alecia. This one sadly did not make it – I’ve still got my trusty spider plant though… it’s called mother-in-law’s tongue or something. Old girl has withstood the passing of all it’s plant friends.

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