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Nov 27, 2012

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put maddie the coonhound on all your things!

You guys. There’s a new app in town and it’s called MaddieCam. I’m sorry if I lose you but this app made my whole Thanksgiving and it’s STILL giving me chuckles. Sometimes I think things are super funny and awesome, and then I put them on the Internet thinking other people will think they are funny and awesome and sometimes I am wrong. It’s ok if you don’t think this is awesome, I’ll still have Maddie to put on things. That cocktail picture up there? That was super funny to me at midnight the night before Thanksgiving when I was drinking a cocktail with liquor in it. The hand-holding-man-friend had lukewarm feelings about it, he’s a fun hater.

Anyway… Super Truncated Backstory: Maddie is a coonhound whose dog Dad’s name is Theron Humphrey and he’s a photographer who started a photojournalism project traveling across the country photographing a different person each day and along the way took pictures of Maddie standing on odd things. She can balance on pretty much anything and its amazing and awesome and unexpectedly touching. As a person who struggles with being too eager to please I guess I relate to Maddie’s heart and it resonates with me in a real way, but also it’s just pretty awesome.

The app is 99¢ and you should treat yourself and click that buy button. I’ve been following @thiswildidea on the ‘Grams forever and ever so in a way it felt like giving back for all the entertainment he and Maddie have given me? Is that weird? Wow, must be the time of year. Waxing poetical over an app. Anyway, if you’re a crazy stalker like me you can check out for all Maddie all the time, and you can buy prints, and there will be a book, and these guys built the app, and this is Theron’s website. Have a great Tuesday. Go put Maddie on things!

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