Merry Happy Joy: with a side of Christmas

Dec 14, 2011

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homemade banner for Christmas party welcome

Hey internet. Sorry for the super radio silence. I’ve been having numbness in my scrolling hand and arm which makes typing exhausting and hard. Don’t worry the Chiropractor is on it. Even though I awkward cried on her table when I realized how expensive all those co-pays were going to be to get rid of the pinched nerve. She promised she could get my neck curve back and I promised her most of my Christmas bonus and part of my soul if she delivered by 2012. Because the internet is important to me, and oh yeah, I type words for a living too.

The ‘Rooms and I did manage to throw a rockin’ holiday party this past weekend. We’ve been apart way too much this year and it was nice to get a little of our co-dependency and domestic partnership groove back. So here’s some highlights, just to prove I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth. Basically, I hot glued a banner like this // spent approx five hours making these cookies // and modified this cocktail from disgusting to delicious. Oh yeah, and while I was doing this the ‘Rooms cooked seventeen recipes a ‘la Sandra Lee and washed the dishes in the bathtub when our sink conveniently decided to stop working and reject drano. BUT WE WON INTERNET! A PARTY WAS HAD, FOOD WAS EATEN, DRINKS WERE DRUNK, AND FRIENDS WERE HUGGED.

homemade glitter cookies from William Sonoma

it wouldn't be christmas without cupcakes

brownies in the shape of cupcakes are more delicious

christmas is christmas without a cheese ball

BTW Holiday cheer can’t be measured in dark photos and blurred memories. ***Its measured in the number of empty wine bottles on the curb on the next trash night.*** 

Oh yeah, & Sophie napped through most of it…

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