My love shines brighter…

Mar 20, 2011

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Meet my newest illuminated love, just a little brass nugget I picked up last week on my lunch hour at the Housing Works thrift store down the street from my cubicle.

Isn’t he adorable? What can I say, I like his shape, and his heaviness, perfect for the empty spot next to my bed. I know he would totally protect me from intruders. And the best part!?!?! Just 1200 pennies!

I slightly suspected that this might be because maybe he didn’t work, and I’ll usually make the thrift store plug ’em in before I take a lamp home, but I got an eye roll when I told the guy that I wouldn’t be taking the shade. And I just couldn’t fight that battle, I didn’t want his negative nancy attitude raining on my own St. Patty’s parade.

Good news, he totally lit up like a Christmas tree. Bad news, the little switch on the bulb did not work. No bigs, I just picked up one of those clicky gizmos for two bucks that you attach to the cord that becomes the new on/off switch. After a little finagling and deciphering of some bad instructions and an even worse picture, I got him in full working order. I’m convinced we were totally meant to be together, imperfections and all. Due to the height I chose to place him, coupled with my extreme laziness short stature, I would have needed to move the on/off switch lower anyway!

Check out his new home! New shade courtesy of a hit and miss for the living room floor lamp I purchased awhile back (that also got a new shade this weekend, check it out soon). So basically we’re looking at a twelve dollar lamp, two dollars for a new switch and a plain IKEA lamp shade pilfered from the living room. I’m always excited to see his shining physique every time I walk in the room, and feel totally safe sleeping next his sturdy build… plus he doesn’t snore or hog the bed!


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