Need, Have, Want: Summertime Blues

Jun 22, 2014

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Summer Favorites to Beat the Summertime Blues

This edition of needs, haves, and wants brought to you by my intense desire to avoid sorting out my closet situation. Literally, I am sitting here making this post instead of doing something totally necessary, I mean I still haven’t separated out all the wintertime coats and swapped them with summertime sundresses. Which is ridiculous, it’s almost July, I think I’m just avoiding going to the storage unit for some reason.

Anyway… three big must-haves on this list, I suspect the real reason I haven’t swapped out all the summer time stuff is that I’m over all of it? Or it doesn’t fit… so I’ve been treating myself to a few new things as a way to start over. I just ordered the top and skirt from JCrew, so we’ll see if they’re keepers, who knows. However, the floral caftan is from Zara and IT IS GLORIOUS. They’re having a sale right now, so go treat yourself — I mean it, I feel invincible in this thing. Don’t you want to feel invincible? I wear it belted to the office because you know, business casual.

Need // Nails, Shoes

Have // Top, Skirt, Caftan

Want // Ring

*PS HELLO Paint Box nails, just do it. Click. Book. Enjoy. I got my first fancy mani and went whole hog with designs and gels, and already have the next one picked out.

*PPS For my 30th I said I would treat myself to this really nice statement ring because baby I’m worth it, then I spent my ring money on caftans and manicures. No regrets though, it’s been a tough month and sometimes you have to take your joy where you can get it.

Do you treat yourself to big ticket items for major milestones?

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