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May 2, 2012

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new bedside table post move

Just popping in quickly to say hi. Spent the rainy afternoon at a coffee shop around the corner from my house to catch up on some much-needed internet and touch base with the outside world. Moving weekend went swimmingly. Hauling your life up and down stairs  sucks the big one, but after the initial day of manual labor and stress stress stress its OVER. We are moved. We are happy. We are recovering from bruises both emotional and physical. We are resting.

I’m glad I took the time off before and after the move to allow myself a peaceful transition. Its meant the world to my soul, and I’m excited to start May with a clean fresh slate. Already heartbreakingly in love with the new hood and apartment. Getting back to work this week and hopefully will share more once we get Internet squared away. Already sleeping better and breathing easier, looking forward to putting the last three months behind us for good. Talk soon! Like Cubicle57 on Facebook, as I’m uploading progress photos along the way.

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