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Aug 27, 2012

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social media training and consultation for small businesses

Hello internet! Welcome back from the weekend. I worked most of it setting up a newsletter for my side project & freelance undertaking (well aside from this side project) MakeYourMediaSocial.com. I threw an inquiry out there on Facebook the other day if you guys might be interested in that content as well. I kind of assume that blog readers are versed in the social media since that’s where quite a bit of my traffic comes from in the first place, but then again you know what they say about assuming. However, you might know someone who knows someone who has no idea what “the Twitter” or “the Facebook” is, and they might be interested. By all means, send them my way. You can sign up here for the newsletter, and receive updates on services and scheduling right in your inbox.

I am admittedly not a huge subscriber to newsletters, but a few here and there. I tend to be more of a seeker of information and use twitter and other media outlets as a sort of feed for incoming information. But a lot of people like it, and it is certainly a great means for information dissemination. But how do we feel about the “personalization” of auto filling a collected name into a newsletter email. I have no strong feelings either way I suppose, except that I’ve never found it particularly necessary for me to connect to the author of a newsletter for them to address me by name. Right now we’re going with a straight email and off the cuff style. Obviously. But I would love to hear your thoughts. What do you think? I’d love feedback in the comments.

And a more regular note, are we all mourning the nearing of the end of summer? Is it like getting the Sunday dreads but worse? The only thing that saves me every year from ultimate depression is the fact that I love fall so darn much. Though I suppose if I were a mega beach person I would be more sad. Anyone have big plans for labor day weekend? My office is kind of in a mass exodus, a lot of people treat the entire week like a holiday week and I expect crickets around here, but then again I’ve been proven wrong before…

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