Do polka dots right

Oct 1, 2012

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Hey friends, so last Monday I posted that pic of the little girl doin her Monday right! Her polka dot leggings were a big hit so I rounded up a few cute adult versions on the webs. And a couple um, warning versions.

the correct way to wear polka dot tights

POLKA DO: Pink on Gray | Blue on Black | Black on Sheer. They’re all from Modcloth and around $16, which is probably about all I’d want to spend on this trend. DO NOT be like me and try to wear your new polka dot tights with a floral dress and a striped sweater and a chevron scarf and become an absolute mess. Or do, if it works, werq. Send me a picture for sure.

POLKA DON’T: First of all I’m not giving you the websites for these because I firmly believe they should be taken off the internet, but just know that if you google search polka dot tights, you are going to get an interesting image array. One happens to be from a costume store (fair enough, Halloween is near) but the other is from an honest to god lingerie section of a department store. Please don’t wear these (or a lucite heel, or a white pump) to spice up your love life. Sincerely, Men everywhere.

Good luck polka dotting!



When cats go wild

Sep 28, 2012

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Sorry I’ve been so busy this week and blog+twitter have been a little sparse for an unemployed person. I’ve been working with a marketing company on an event called Social Media Week and aggregating a bunch of hashtagged events and such and writing summaries etc etc etc, and other boring social stuff I won’t bother you with. On the off chance that you ARE interested, you can read all my articles here, total nerdery stuff and I’m so happy I quit my job so I was able to say yes to something like this. That said, about that unemployed thing…

aftermath of cat destruction

Anyway, I think it’s pretty clear what happened here. 1 cat+1 window+questionable cat skills. I mean, Sophie didn’t even have the decency to run away from the scene of the crime. Obviously I totally stopped what I was doing and held a complete photo shoot. Oh yeah, and it was a total mess, how can that one teeny tiny pot hold SO. MUCH. DIRT. Whatever, at least the light bulb didn’t break.

partrice is a total fern boss

Patrice made it through the ordeal like a total boss. Honestly I think I could throw that plant on the floor, and she would just pick herself up and get back in the pot and continue being fern of the year. Yeah, you’re right, I’ve had a ton of coffee today. TGIF.

lone succulent jade stalk

And this is it. All that’s left of Dolly(s). Rough life jade. I put her back in the pot, but it’s not looking good after such a trauma. Send cards but no flowers please (for obvious plant killah reasons). Until next week, have a great weekend and keep an eye on any unruly animals in your house.




old toms to the donation pile

Its that time of year again! Fall fashion time. Which means I can get back out my TOMS and wear them non stop until the first snow. Only problem is, my pairs are looking a little worse for the wear and need to go in the donation box/trash pile.

I love TOMS but they do tend to wear down rather quickly. If you’re like me and you wear one pair non-stop almost every day, and live 10 blocks from the subway you’re probably going to go through about three pairs a year. I personally think TOMS should do like MAC cosmetics and after you collect a certain amount of used items you can trade them in for a discount or free pair. Are you listening TOMS? You can email me here, let’s talk.

I’ve picked out my top three from this years new arrivals. Maybe if I book some more freelance work mama can get a new pair of shoes! Dreamin’ big folks.

Silver Karsen, Grey Cord, and Ash Indo TOMS style for fall

one | twothree

What’s your favorite? Do you have a go to shoe you wear when the weather turns chilly? Let’s talk footwear in the comments!



wear a cute outfit and win at Monday's

Have a great Monday. Wear all of your favorite things, WEAR THEM ALL WEEK and boogie, boogie down.

// image

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