beers burgers and perennial fall fashion from Urban Outfitters

The Ditmars location of my most favorite burger joint in the whole wide world turns 1 year old today. It totally gave me that “whoa that feels like just yesterday” feeling and I pulled up these ancient photos from LAST YEAR when the hand-holding-man-friend and I went skipping to their opening. Bareburger is a local restaurant that serves grass fed organic burgers and things, with weird meats like ostrich, elk, bison, and the like. When they opened their original location at 31st Avenue it was like a revolution. Astoria is a wonderful place, but when I first moved here (5 years ago) if you wanted anything aside from a gyro or feta or pasta, you kinda had to leave the boro. Sorry non-locals but this post is Astoria centric, but I’m sure you’ll appreciate the “neighborhoodiness” chat.

I’m not going to give you a Bareburger history lesson, but from first bite I was hooked. When they started serving fried pickles it was a forever kind of love, then they talked about opening the Ditmars location, and got their liquor license, now since moving over to “this side of the tracks” I’ll still go to the original but only to meet friends that live down there.

The Ditmars stop is my jam, I’ll see you tonight. Probably in this same outfit as above. Isn’t it funny? These photos are from a year ago and I feel like I still wear each and every piece almost every day. I guess thats either a sign that I only buy things that I will perennially love, or that I haven’t been able to afford shopping since 2011. The entire outfit appears to be from Urban Outfitters, I guess because they have good sales. The necklace is tru.che, and I still to this day love it like it was new.

Have a great day everyone. If you’re local check out the specials (can we say $6 pitcher o’ beer?) and see you round the ‘hood, I’ll be the one in a food coma from eating an entire fries and rings combo.

burger and beer specials celebration




temping in Columbus Circle

I’m temping today internet. No one do anything fun ok? I’ll be busy being all the administrative assistant I can be for some random company in Manhattan. I have to wear “corporate attire,” which um, if you know me is a stretch. I should probably wear some JCrew power suit. But for me that translates to a hand me down calf length skirt from the hand-holding-man-friends Aunt, maybe my polka dots from H&M, a jacket from U.O. and OF COURSE my power tie.

If this place has one of those bathrooms where I can take an inconspicuous selfie I’ll put something on the ‘grams. Until then I’m serious about the no fun. See ‘ya at quittin time!


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repotting the sago palm, fern, and jade for better soil drainage

I know I know, I have a problem. The rocks for soil drainage is plant care 101 I guess. Dimitri told me, and I listened but, um, I guess I just forgot? Or the thought of buying rocks and carrying them home in the summer heat was just too much to execute. Luckily this weekend was a delicious 70ish degrees in NYC and I DID ALL THE THINGS. Well by all the things I mean, I un-potted the surviving plants, gave everyone a good layer of rock at the bottom, made a huge mess, then put the troopers back in their homes.

jade, sago palm, and plants in their new planter homes

I also switched out the sago palm (thanks Katherine) and the other leafy plant thing. The sago palm had a crazy root situation happening and clearly I had never bothered to take him out of his grocery store plastic pot out of fear, the ‘Rooms thinks the potting process is killing them. But I think the palm in the big tall Aztec-y pot with root room will be better. The leafy thing in the gold pot with no name has about a 2″ root system, so I could pot that in a brownie pan (if I had one) and it would probably be fine. PS. Anyone know what that big leafy plant is called? I am the worst plant killer owner.

I DO know that the sago palm is super duper poisonous to animals and humans alike, like kill them dead poisonous. Oops, luckily the pets have zero interest in plant matter. Kibbles only. Oh and Dolly(s)? Seems like these two little stalks are all that made it out of the jade fiasco, hopefully now that we’ve got rocks goin on in the pot, they’ll do better. Live on!

Sophie cat inspecting the summer's donation pile

Gratuitous cat photo because its Monday and you read this whole post! Sophie’s just inspecting the donation pile here. It’s that time of year in New York Ctiy where us small apartment dwellers switch out the summer to winter / winter to summer closet clothing situation. Pro tip: It’s a GREAT time to purge and get rid of things that don’t fit and/or shit you never wear. I love this time of year because the ‘Rooms is a ruthless purger and I’ll inevitably snag a couple new sweaters.

PS. There is another bonus awesome Sophie cat box photo over on Instagram. I don’t blog on the weekends because I’m really busy ‘gramming. Head over and check it out.

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Pet Yoga is real

Sep 13, 2012

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Just in case the ‘Rooms and I never get our acts together and become full fledged grownups with consistent cash dollar earning employment we don’t tire of after a few months, I’ve started exploring ways to put the animals to work. Who decided they could be kibble eating money pits anyway, free to do whatever they please? Income. Potential. Check it out, we’ve got their yoga teacher headshots all ready.

cat yoga favorite posture happy baby

Sophie’s practice would mostly consist of restoritive poses and judgemental side glances. Think lots of savasana, happy baby, and deep twists.

dog yoga favorite posture sphinx pose

Otto’s practice would center around lots of long necks, straight backs and breaks for gentle caresses. Maybe some short fire-y panting breath work.

the perfect upward facing dog and downward dog

Its clear one of the pets as a leg up on the competition in the dog pose department. Otto’s form is pretty spot on. So you know, if you’re thinking about spicing up your daily practice Otto and Sophie are booking appointments, whether they like it or not. Both have put in well over 200 hrs of pet yoga training at the Steinway School of Stretching and Curling. Obviously.

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