this jade is dead too

Ugh. Obviously I don’t have anything to say about this, but I had to come clean about the Dolly(s) situation before you spied it in the background of some other cat photo or something. Girl just couldn’t hang on I guess. Or didn’t like living in a teapot. Either way her replacement is already here.

lucky bamboo and augusten burroughs

One of the gals in the office got me this “lucky” bamboo plant for my last day. So sweet, though she totes doesn’t read ‘le blog or you know, she would have known. Hi Carolina are you out there you sweet believer you?!? So far it’s been what? Two weeks? Just watered for the first time and all looks pretty well. This one has no dirt just rocks. I think I’m going to relocate to a glass jar. Though the ‘Rooms thinks that’s where I’m killing them. Re-potting and all. Whatevs, THERE ARE NO RULES IN PLANT KILLAH LAND!

P.S. The jade has all of these little gnat looking things hanging out near it. Do you think they killed it?

P.P.S. Yes, that is Augusten Burroughs staring down the bamboo like a total creeper. Intimidation should keep this one alive.



cute gingham table cloths at Pachanga Patterson in Astoria Queens

Last week I asked readers what they’d like to see around here and Rachel suggested some coverage of the Astoria nightlife scene. I am sorry to report, I have no idea about Astoria nightlife, I’m sure there are people out and about during those witching hours however, I hate  to leave my house after dark, and pretty much turn into a pumpkin around 11pm.

What I CAN talk about extensively is the brunchlife. My Saturday night may be spent on the couch working and watching Law and Order SVU but come noon on Sunday I am first at the door for unlimited mimosas! I’m the kind of person who goes out to dinner and asks the waiter if I can preview their brunch menu for future reference. Dinner is great, but brunch is AWESOME! I love everything about it: daytime, eggs, champagne, blood mary’s, coffee. Even if don’t go the unlimited drinks route brunch foods are by far my favorite foods. I could eat breakfast for every meal at any time of day. Plus, you know, bacon.

Yesterday I went to my fave homestyle mexican restaurant in Astoria, Pachanga Patterson, for brunch delectables for the first time. For $12  the ‘El Completo’ includes one menu item + one drink, perfect for the pre-flea or shopping Sunday, OR add $8 for unlimited mimosas, bloody’s, or draft beers. Perfect for a big ‘ole group of friends getting together to celebrate… anything. So basically grab a twenty and a fiver for tip and go have yourself a great time.

It wasn’t too crowded when we went, the bartender thought it might be slower because afternoon NFL games have started. No prob here, we parked our party of 8 in the back patio and got comfortable. The service was great. Relaxed and friendly without being too friendly or relaxed. Drinks were kept full and the food was outstanding (I highly recommend the Veggie Jenga and the Carnitas Tacos).

I would have taken more pictures of the food/drinks/space but you see I was busy eating and drinking. If you live in Astoria go immediately, make a reservation for this Sunday in fact. If you don’t live here well, if you ever visit call me maybe? and I’ll be right there. What’s your favorite brunch cuisine where you live?


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I take a lot of photos of the Triborough and Hell Gate Bridges. Probably at least one every time I run. They’re just so striking. Did I ever tell you I heart Astoria and my new apartment is way better than Steinway? They’re doing no good sitting in the ole computer so I put them here for you. Happy Friday! Have a great weekend.

Triboro and Hell Gate Bridge in Astoria

PS. I’m going to put them all full size over on Facebook, go ahead and like the page while you’re there.



So here’s the deal, whilst I am in the beginnings of my unemployment/fun-employment/self-employment stretch I am focusing on developing a good routine for myself. Otherwise I am certain that I will spiral straight down terror alley into the depths of depression and self doubt and be living IN Astoria Park by December. OK, not really. Judging by my temp staffing interview yesterday I’m pretty sure my data entry skills are sufficient enough to keep me from being homeless. However, what I’m really focusing on these days is finding the right coffee mug. That’s right, you heard me, priorities. The morning ritual is everything.

You see forever and ever, or at least a few years I’ve had this ONE favorite coffee mug. It looked something like this.

nice latte mug, but not cute

Ok, this isn’t the exact mug, but you get the idea. You see, the ‘Rooms did a gig a few years back and came home with a coffee mug that looked like this, but had his show logo or something or other on it. It wasn’t particularly cute, it never showed up on Instagram, but it WAS in my hand every. single. morning. It was the perfect size and shape. Held lots o’ coffee but was equally stable for unstable morning activities. Like showering, checking the internets, scrolling Twitter still in bed, or walking the dog.

One day it had an unfortunate accident with a vigorous dish-washing and our ceramic sink… In it’s absence I’ve been forced to choose between a regular sized coffee mug which is ridiculously inadequate and this huge bowl of a thing from IKEA which holds the right amount, but the surface area of the coffee is too wide and cools too quickly. Plus, wildly unstable and the slosh factor is super high.

Therefore as you can see, this tall option is the best for me. Turns out after extensive googling (see also: unemployment) this is not called a coffee mug, but a latte mug. Excuse me. Whatever, I don’t drink lattes. Not even pumpkin spice. But, for the life of me I can’t find a cute latte mug out there. Everything is so plain, and the options on Etsy seem to be more in the vein of Regretsy.

At long last here are the best of the internets right now. *Note: not ruling out an actual coffee mug, if only for Instagram styling purposes.

coffee and latte mug options from Target, CB2, Marimekko, and Crate and Barrel

NUMBER ONE :: Cute, totally awesome from Target, but comes in a set of four? No thanks. I have tons of coffee mugs, just need the one.

NUMBER TWO :: Bright lil’ yellow thing from CB2, dig the square handle but can I get a large size?

NUMBER THREE :: Big boring receptacle from Crate and Barrel, but the 2.5 cup capacity draws me in.

NUMBER FOUR :: Adorable wee vessel from Marimekko, obviously stylish, but 8oz? Come on, stop calling that a coffee mug. Tea maybe? Espresso?

As you can see I have a big decision to make. Better do that over a cup of joe. Do you have a favorite morning ritual? Only drink coffee from your alma mater mug? Tweet me a photo!

// all product images as linked


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