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Aug 27, 2012

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social media training and consultation for small businesses

Hello internet! Welcome back from the weekend. I worked most of it setting up a newsletter for my side project & freelance undertaking (well aside from this side project) MakeYourMediaSocial.com. I threw an inquiry out there on Facebook the other day if you guys might be interested in that content as well. I kind of assume that blog readers are versed in the social media since that’s where quite a bit of my traffic comes from in the first place, but then again you know what they say about assuming. However, you might know someone who knows someone who has no idea what “the Twitter” or “the Facebook” is, and they might be interested. By all means, send them my way. You can sign up here for the newsletter, and receive updates on services and scheduling right in your inbox.

I am admittedly not a huge subscriber to newsletters, but a few here and there. I tend to be more of a seeker of information and use twitter and other media outlets as a sort of feed for incoming information. But a lot of people like it, and it is certainly a great means for information dissemination. But how do we feel about the “personalization” of auto filling a collected name into a newsletter email. I have no strong feelings either way I suppose, except that I’ve never found it particularly necessary for me to connect to the author of a newsletter for them to address me by name. Right now we’re going with a straight email and off the cuff style. Obviously. But I would love to hear your thoughts. What do you think? I’d love feedback in the comments.

And a more regular note, are we all mourning the nearing of the end of summer? Is it like getting the Sunday dreads but worse? The only thing that saves me every year from ultimate depression is the fact that I love fall so darn much. Though I suppose if I were a mega beach person I would be more sad. Anyone have big plans for labor day weekend? My office is kind of in a mass exodus, a lot of people treat the entire week like a holiday week and I expect crickets around here, but then again I’ve been proven wrong before…


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there's a new plant in town and it looks like a pineapple

New plant in the house yo! Bought this one at the grocery store and and it looks like a pineapple. I have no idea what the name is but the soil was super wet so I figured it could withstand my over watering tendencies. We shall see. In the meantime, I rounded up some non living plant alternatives “just in case” this might be my last chance. Um, the Dolly(s) are looking skeptical of their fun new pots

wall art alternatives to actual living plants

Just in case Dimitri revokes my plant owners license, I can still enjoy a little greenery around the place.

Clockwise, from top left >> one | two | three | four <<

PS. Number two is a cross-stitch pattern. How bad ass is that? Maybe if I have some time on my hands this winter.



From Where I Run

Aug 23, 2012

in Play, Queens

running in astoria park in august

The key to an attempt at non slothfulness for me is running as soon as I get home from work. Drop my computer, shoes on, and back out the door. Having 5:00pm coffee helps too. My route is a well calculated  four miles in and around Astoria Park that at no point crosses anywhere near my front door. You see the problem with living with the park literally off your front stoop is that at nearly any given time you can practically hear Pat Sajak and Vanna White’s witty Wheel of Fortune banter and your comfy couch + carb snacks calling your name.

I can notice the evening light changing now as fall peeks around the corner. I’m partly excited because I love the season and partly depressed because winter is right behind fall. I really look forward to running in the cooler weather and seeing the seasons change so drastically right outside my front door. This first full year in the new apartment is going to be a good one, I can feel it.

Do you run? Do you Instagram to avoid running? Follow me over there, same username as Twitter (cubicle57blog). And check out more ‘Grams here. #fromwhereirun is a popular Instagram hashtag that’s fun to search and see what other pavement pounders are looking at that day.

Note: Can also substitute run with a multitude of things #fromwhereibike #fromwhereieat #fromwhereiwork. If it’s a word someone has #fromwherei-hashtagged that shiz. I think that’s pretty neat.



cucumber ginger fizz drink from Martha Stewart

No seriously. Stop it. Have a smart phone? Awesome, take this baby with you and get in a car/train/rowboat and get thee to the store. Buy some limes, two cucumbers, a couple of big pieces of ginger, a bottle of seltzer and a bottle of vodka. Go ahead, I’ll wait. While you’re at it, its August, there’s only so much summer left, are you feeling ill? You should take yourself a sick day. There’s prep work involved, but it’s WORTH IT ALL CAPS. That Martha does not mess around, she hit it out of the park with the blackberry julep, and this cucumber ginger fizz is no laughing matter either.

Number One // Take one cucumber, peel it, rough chop it, put it in a pitcher with the vodka and walk away for an hour.

Number Two // Dont walk away. Put a cup of sugar and a cup of water in a pan and bring to boil. Peel your ginger, cut it into “thin rounds” (oh, Martha) add it to the simple syrup, when it simmers turn it off and go away for a half hour.

Number Three // Again with the fine sieve step, a.k.a. strain the ginger out of the cooled ginger syrup. Strain the cucumbers out of the vodka while you’re at it too.

Number Four // Cut some lime wedges and slice the other cucumber (Martha said something about ribbons? but lets be honest…)

Number Five // Pour some of your delicious cucumber vodka over ice, add a few spoonfuls of ginger syrup, squeeze a lime wedge, throw in a couple cucumber rounds and top with seltzer and WOW YOUR MOUTH.

I’m sorry there are no fancy finished drink photos. I was busy drinking them all. Make it and send me yours!



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