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Made a special little landing page this weekend. I’m glad everyone is enjoying the new designed blog and our very own domain here at Cubicle57. It was always my intention to save for a landing page. I want to start some freelance work and I need a more general landing page to send people to. Its a work in progress and right now points to a lot to different categories that I write about on the blog and MakeYourMediaSocial, which is my site for my social media training and consulting. Plus also a VERY bare bones “hire the shit ‘outta me yeah?” page. Just in case, you know, I need it.

SUBSCRIBE TO COMMENTS // I’m so happy that people are commenting. The community of blogging is my very favorite thing about blogging. But we’re all busy and sometimes you might not catch my reply or someone else’s comment. So now you can sign up for an email alert when someone comments on a post you have commented on. It works like a regular email subscription and you’ll confirm, but then of course can unsubscribe at anytime should you decide you don’t want alerts any more. I might play with a few options on this. I would love feedback.

BREADCRUMBS // Down at the bottom of every page is what’s is called breadcrumbs. It’s a simple navigational tool for readers to see where they’ve been. I’ve got a lot of links and categories and keywords built into this site, but should you lose your way you can always get back to where you’ve been. This is a work in progress, I’m not sure I care for this one. Let me know how you feel about this. Returning readers might not use this as much as say new readers, who I want to make feel welcome with a safe internet hug.

LIGHT-BOX PHOTO VIEWING // This might be a personal one because I heart it so much, but every photo on this blog is sized bigger than its container. Meaning >> the display width on screen is smaller than the actual photo. You can click on any photo in a post and see it in full size. I love blogs with huge photos, but that’s not really what I do here (I like the words) and I don’t want to force you into looking at a bunch of huge photos if that’s not your thing. So take it or leave it. Clicking on any photo will display in full size and clicking anywhere or hitting escape will get you out. You know you wanna look at Sophie close up.

life is too hard for cats sometimes

Gratuitous cat photo (for testing purposes). Thank you for reading!

PS. This is also how I look after I break the internet. Silent screams ya’ll.



Well hello, Dolly(s)

Aug 17, 2012

in Home, Make

jade growing after re-potting

Internet, meet Dolly. Dolly, the internet. Now everyone get good and acquainted now and no one go dying on me ok? I’m talking seriously to both parties with my hands on hips. Internet do not go abandoning me because Dolly is expecting to be doted upon. And Dolly, well stop looking so rough and shedding so profusely. We all want to be skinny, but damn girl. Get it together.

Thanks to reader James’ comment submission of a “clone” name (since you know, they’re all the same?) I decided to name the jade collectively as a group Dolly. Like the cloned sheep. Remember that, circa 1996? Just in case anyone was feeling young and spry today on this Friday in August. Suck on that. Where were you when Dolly was born?

a drill bit and some thrifted pots equal planters!

I suspect the potting process is really what I enjoy most about plant owning/caring. Figures. Pretty pretty on the outside, but drowning on the inside. I found these three aztec-y pots awhile back at the thrift store. I think I bought all three for twenty bucks or so. One was missing a lid, NBD, plants don’t need lids. Then I swift like went to the hardware store (local, not the ‘Depot) and asked the nice old Greek man for the biggest drill bit he had that would drill ceramic. He was nice, and didn’t once look at me like I had seven cloned alien heads like they do at a certain orange box store…

In true Cubicle57 fashion, I then hoarded all of these items in an empty corner of the apartment for a couple months until I felt sufficiently procrastimotivated and repotted everything in the span of twenty minutes. Whatever. Its my method ok?

Oh, and the teapot we’ve had forever, it came in a thrift haul years ago. It used to hold dog treats, but obviously is a kick ass jade vessel.

Have a great weekend everyone! I hope you procrastiproject something, or not, don’t let me pressure you. Internet hug to James again for the Dolly namesaking!




Boudoir Desires

Aug 15, 2012

in Home, Shop

traingle shams, stripe sheets, color blocked throw

Do you ever look around your home or your person and wonder, when did all of my things get so ratty? The other night I was doing all of the Sunday procrastination cleaning activities to ward off the Monday dreads like cleaning the bathtub, changing the sheets, and watering the plants. All of the sudden I actually looked at my sheets and was shocked. Basically threadbare. And somehow I had gotten rid of and/or misplaced some pillow cases and I was suddenly short two shams for the 7,000 pillows I like to sleep with.

In true procrastibrowsing form I got on the Pinsies and took a look around at what I might have lurking on the apartment board. Sure enough I had some bedding stowaways in there. If I could ever come up with the cold hard cash dollars, my bed could use the change up. I tend to re-vamp cyclically with every failed relationship, but since the hand-holding-man-friend has been around so long I guess I forgot.

How about you? Do you change up your bedding look with the seasons? Yearly? Do you rotate out many different sets, or wash and wear one set until they’re done? Basically I’m really interested in your boudoir, so lets talk it out in the comments.

Images: shams // sheets // throw




a lot of lost leaves on this jade plant

My girlfriend who lives in Vegas sent me this jade plant as a birthday present “a bit of the desert” if you will… You see I had just gotten Patrice, and she must have thought plants were my new thing. Which I guess they were. The good thing (I thought) about jade is that you only have to water it once a month. You put it in a bowl of water for an hour and then bam you’re done. So I set Siri to remind me about that shiz and she got her first watering in Julyish?

She’s been steadily losing petals? Nubbins? Whatever they’re called. I thought maybe it was just natural shedding, but its looking seriously sparse now. I googled “caring for jade plants” and OF COURSE the first sentence is about how easy it is. I think my apartment is cursed. Trying a new pot and location. Stay tuned.

those jade tentacles freak me out

Also, WHAT are those little tentacle things? Does it need more dirt to feel secure? Should I mound it up? I can get more dirt. I guess there’s a wicked case of erosion in my bedroom.

PS. Maybe they’re pissed because I haven’t named them. But technically each individual stalk is its own plant right? So maybe like a group name. Brainstorm below, best name gets featured tomorrow!

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