f6 Cute Things You Need For Spring 2014

Today’s post is brought to you by the desire to make and publish something with wild abandon. That is all. Plus I liked these rectangles so much I used them again. Blogging in the wild.

NEED // Coat, Wedge

HAVE // Skirt

WANT // Necklace, Clutch, Phone Case *Update: HAVE IT, bf served it to me as a b-day prezzie, we’re pretty much twins no?

*P.S. Skirt is currently at the tailor getting a proper non cheap looking hem and shortened about 7 feet because I am now someone who takes clothes to the tailor.
*P.P.S. Hahaha that necklace guys so cuhuuute so $$$.


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Floral archives from Vogue magazine

Did you see that Vogue Magazine rounded up twenty great floral covers, photos, and ads from their past issues to celebrate spring? It is making my heart sing. PS. SPRING I know we’re nowhere near t-shirt weather or toe freedom (ahem ladies and gentlemen of NYC) but next week I’m heading to Texas and that’s going to get me through. When I come back we’re going to the first Mets game of the season where it will most certainly snow. But… for now, to spring!


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I need these oversized wire baskets to light up my neon loving life. Despite a long standing love affair for the brights, I’ve yet to do anything about it really home wise since the ill fated herb garden planters. I mean, it’s not that it’s drab around here, it’s just that I’ve developed a dirty little magazine habit again with nowhere to put them for the 4-5 weeks it takes me to get through a stack.

For a mere two hundred and fifty dollars a piece these can cradle your old Harper’s Bazaar mags in luxe comfort. I’ll probably just recycle…


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winter tulips spring sun queens apartment

A little while ago Jess Bowen from Used York City popped an email in my inbox saying she was starting a new column on her blog featuring New York City apartments and asked if I’d like to include mine! I mean, I share bits a pieces from time to time on the ‘grams but I’ve never done an apartment tour on the blog because 1. Laziness 2. The ‘tour’ lasts all of ten seconds and 3. I haven’t been blogging since I moved in here, but since I had recently taken down Christmas and dusted, I figured why the heck not.

Since moving in in July, I’ve found a nice little home for a lot of my favorite things from the Astoria 2R / Parkside Manor days, and though the Deep Queens apartment is very tiny it is very homey, albeit fiercely edited in a way that has ensured each and every item in the apartment is my favorite. When Jess asked what my favorite things in the apartment were I found myself listing pretty much everything and took a gratutious amount of photos for a studio apartment tour. Visit Used York City for the full tour and Top 5 faves (hint: they’re mostly from the streets).


Oh, also, sorry there are no great total room shots because well, um, I’d need a serious full frame camera and/or the widest of wide angle lenses like those liars use for real estate photos. This is a one room situation remember… basically you’ve got two views, the big part of the room looking at the bed/media center/couch and the view looking towards the entry. There’s nothing exciting to report from the kitchen/bathroom, just your standard rental situation, though I did include a gratuitous Cafe Bustelo coffee #shelfie!


After a co-worker saw the feature and was trying to figure out where everything went I did make a layout one night in photoshop during a fit of procrastiworking if that makes it easier! **Disclaimer: that is not anywhere near scale, I just got a kick out of making rectangles and circles in PS** Be sure to peep the full tour on Jess’s blog and stay tuned to the ‘grams for any updates!

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