brunch with a rustic window seat

For v-day this year, the hand-holding-man-friend and I decided that instead of going to dinner (on a Friday no less) and suffering through some terrible no good pre fixe, we would save our romantic dinner time dollars for our actual favorite meal of the week—BRUNCH!!

The East Pole is in a cute little brownstone on East 65th right off of Lexington, so N/Q/R/F/4/5/6 riders, this is a good spot for you! I was worried that brunch being what it is in New York we were going to have to contend with some Upper East Side clamoring for a table, but when we walked in around 1:00 the downstairs was bustling and inviting but not hectic. They actually ushered us upstairs to The Map Room which had been converted from the looks of their website from a big communal event space to a bunch of deuces for the big romantic event of the weekend. The window seat tables even had blankets on the benches for maximum coziness!

english breakfast toast and jam cozy decor brunch

The food, the cocktails, the decor, and the service were top notch. The menu is medium pricey for a typical brunch, $12 for brunch cocktails and $18-25 for entrees, but both food and drink were well worth it. Ps. definitely get the $10 toast with jams and ricotta, the apricot marmalade situation made my heart sing!

Though it was more than we’d usually spend on a casual brunch, in the realm of a Valentine’s Day or even a proper date night, dropping a hundo on brunch is on the low end really… Plus, after brunch we walked across the park as it started to snow (eye roll, I know) and went shopping for “gifts.” I upgraded my iPhone to the 5S, and Joe bought nice wool pants at JCrew. Because really, if you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?


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4 Great Lipsticks for a Strong Power Lip

Couple any of these winners with a distracting shirt for all awkward meetings/presentations/Mondays and you win at life:

  1. Make Up For Ever #40: This is my newest horse in the stable, the color is like a hot orange almost neon and I f’ing love it, though it’s not for the faint of heart. It has a very lipstick-y smell however and the wear length is medium, make sure it’s in your pocket when you walk out the door, you’ll need to reapply after coffee. It has a satin finish and I wish it was matte but that’s OK, anyone have a great matte orange lip?
  2. Sephora Hot Tango: A great bright red, not brickish or brown or purple, and good and matte. Overall I like the way Sephora lipsticks wear. It’ll last you all the way through 3pm lunch, and even as it fades it doesn’t change into a weird color.
  3. YSL Nude Beige: I bought this one in a moment of weakness after I had been sick for an eternity and hit that point where I would pay whatever it took to feel joy again. I guess lipstick was the trick. It’s ridiculously expensive for a lipstick but the packaging is gorgeous and it is very silky and tastes nice. Technically not a power lip in a color sense since it’s so subtle, but I put it on the list anyway because $$$.
  4. Sephora Mr. Lover: Another Sephora brand winner, a great fushia that goes with everything. If you want one great lipstick to wear with your entire closet buy this one. I also really like how the Sephora brand doesn’t have a terrible smell or slick feel.

BONUS: That sweatshirt with freaking lipsticks on it for Opening Ceremony, so weird, so wonderful… just enjoy it, it’s four hundred freaking dollars anyway.



ROSIE ASSOULIN Silk-Faille Bow-Back Dress Moda Operandi

Real talk. Since the fall I’ve been working with a super luxury hospitality client. One of my favorite things about this client is that they are very into high end fashion, home decor, and lifestyle content so it affords me the opportunity to open up my browsing radar. Have you ever wondered who sorts from high to low when they’re online shopping? Me, for these guys. It’s incredible, if something doesn’t cost at least $500 then what’s the point of posting about it?

Enter this little series, it’s probably the biggest vehicle to getting me back in the ole’ WordPress dashboard. When I saw this Rosie Assoulin dress for the first time, I LITERALLY MOANED OUT LOUD. I neeeeeeeeeeeded a place to put it, I felt compelled to share my desperate love for this dress. How I want to wear it with a nude pump and strong lip and just feel the glory of every dollar. That huge ridiculous bow, that color blocking, the ever so rounded top of the bodice, the PLEATS!!?!!? I’m getting light headed…

Five thousand two hundred and ninety five dollars will buy you the pleasure, and I’m pretty sure it’s worth it every penny.


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Hey how have you been?

Jan 25, 2014

in Word

Why hello, I missed you too

Oh shit you guys, what is this? A BLOG POST! A 2013 update? An apology? A sorry excuse for getting back in the game? Sure, kind of, take yer pick. I missed you to… Let’s ease in to this thing.

I honestly haven’t been up in this space recently at. all. The last thing I published on here was in April a sorry excuse for a post where I told you I killed yet another plant. 2013 was a whirlwind. When I quit my admin job in real estate I floated around the internet, did some freelance thinking, and accepted a position as a paid intern with a digital marketing agency. Two promotions and a year later, I’m carving out a little career path for myself that I quite like. I’m good at my job, but the hours and emotional energy are pretty full on, I guess you could say that I have been “leaning in.” (Sorry, I just rolled my eyes at myself too.)

I didn’t really disappear though, I just found less and less time and brain energy for blogging here. Mind you, I do this exact schtick for clients at work so it’s not like this whole venture was all for naught… and for awhile that was enough for me. But now I’m kind of back, looking for another place to explore and challenge myself and mostly publish with abandon and without approval, write in my voice, and dick around in photoshop for funsies.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’ve gathered that my bestie ‘Rooms moved to San Francisco (we said tearful goodbyes to Astoria and Parkside Manor and each other) and I am now shacking up with the hand-holding-man-friend in Deep Queens. It’s OK, studio apartment living as a couple has its perks (rent) and its pitfalls (alone time) but all in all I think we’re doing a pretty decent job of it all.

I’d like this to be the part of this post where I tell you what the big plan is, what you can expect here and how often you can expect it. But fuck it, let’s do it live. No strategy, no real plan, just good ‘ole fashioned fun having. Oh, and I’m probably going to make some changes to the site too, because obviously.

Welcome back, I missed you too.

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