empty email inbox in the morning

 The sight of an empty email inbox at 9:00 A.M. brings tears of joy to your eyes.

Orrrrrrrr maybe this happens…

Gimme more…



funny suggestions for facebook likes based on statusOn my  hour long 2 train+20 minute trek from hell daily commute to the cubie the other day I was flipping through late night Facebook status’/ status’s?/ stati?/ statusesees? and Twitter updates that were happening while I was getting my beauty rest and I see a friend of mine’s status “I just had a pizza topped with a fried egg. It has changed my life forever and I can’t stop thinking about it.” I immediately commented demanding the location of this restaurant. FYI Otto down by Washington Square Park. Boo yah.  I personally believe this is a most superior form of pizza, and one of my all time favorite vehicles for egg yolk.

Later I opened back up the fahchébook to reconnect with the outside world and there are about 1 zillion comments on this particular status update. I click-through and notice the most hilarious little nugget waiting for me in the upper right hand corner. Under “things related to this post” the Facebook gods have suggested that I might like the fried eggs page (duh), and of course the coups d’état… BACON! Because if this becomes a world with eggs and no bacon, then I don’t want to live here.

Basically this is just a hilarious illustration of the breadth of the social media monster. Like a good lover, it knows what we like, often before we know we like it. And I’ve made my peace with that, I’ll marry that any day of the week if it means I can stop un-jamming copiers. I’ve got my own brain and can do my own thinking, but sometimes it is nice to just sit back and be a passenger on the “you might like it” train.

time out message on Hoot Suite twiiter platformBONUS: In an effort to master my tweets I’ve been playing around with various twitter platforms like Hoot Suite, Tweekdeck, something called Twaitter (still in beta) ect… I’m undecided. Basically at the moment the twitter and I are still getting to know one another. But that Hoot Suite might have won me over with the best idle message ever. Plus their logo is pretty darn cute.

P.S. Do you twitter? Come be my friend/follower or whatever the kids are calling it these days click here. Do you have a wicked awesome recommendation for a 3rd party twitter platform? Advice is welcome!



spring/summer closet cleanout in progress makes a disaster zoneGuess who’s coming to dinner? The ‘Rooms is back! Soph and I are super excited to have a break from staring at just each other all night and Otto is pleased to be reunited with his chair/throne, even if it is only for a hot second before leaving again for another gig and the next stranger subletter moves in.

I arrived home from work yesterday to find the ‘Rooms unpacking taking everything out of the closet in search of the sheets that we’re pretty sure the subletter took as a “parting gift” (yeah, that happened). Above is a quick pic of the ensuing tornado that happened when I chose to join him in adding to the pile for donation. In the last month I have started this task no less than THREE times. But you see, cleaning out your closet isn’t as fun when there is no one around to giggle and makes jokes with about why on earth you would still have an old vase from an orchid that promptly died upon its arrival in the apartment in 2008. Or shed a tear over that cute dress from your college graduation that you have finally accepted you will never fit into ever again… Or the t-shirts you’ve had since your age ended in -TEEN!!!!!

I have also made an official decree to not have any clothing devoted to the purpose of sleeping. Its ridiculous. The American Apparel deep V’s I wear on the street can grace the bed as well. Also I’m allowed exactly 1 pair  of TV watching pants. There is no reason to keep around an entire drawer of sweatpants just to wear in the damn house for the dog and cats benefit. Sophie does not care, of this I am certain!

1 too many episodes of Hoarders has heightened our awareness for the dangers of pre-hoarder-hoarding behaviors. For us it’s not just clothing, as we both tend to be pretty good each season about getting rid of things we haven’t worn/can’t believe we ever purchased. The ‘Rooms weakness is bedding and pillows, where as I am entirely guilty of keeping things around because it might make a good project. You know, DIY’ers. I see the potential in every single piece of crap. I blame my fathers genes, and the internet. But alas. We made good progress, and I wish that I could show you a picture of my closet and you could see a dramatic before and after. However my closet looks suspiciously the same, maybe its like that gelatinous goo that kids play with where you take some out and it all gels back together? Oh well, I feel better having done it and I hope the people on Ditmars enjoy our donated things.

What are the things you have the hardest time getting rid of during house purges? Do you have a secret trunk full of cottage cheese containers? Lets share, it’s a safe zone.



Too hot to trot

Jun 9, 2011

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summer haze in New York City

So its hot hot hot in the city this week. Summer is here in full force. On the trek to the train this morning I looked up from my iced coffee IV to notice a peculiar sky line. No buildings?!?!?! Usually from this spot you can see the Chrysler Building and some of the Empire State Building and all those other various tall buildings on the east side of the city where men in suits work. Today? Nada. I guess this is what they call poor air quality. It’s probably what LA calls a “good day.” It’s even too hot for the falafel man outside my office. He’s gone missing today, I hope he’s ok.

Keep cool friends. Drink water and iced coffee and stay nice to each other. Heat makes New Yorker’s cranky and we start yelling at each other and saying things we don’t mean. Mostly because everything smells like urine and our shoes are melting to the pavement that we have to pound day in and day out. Today I am thankful for the office air conditioning, even though I have to run my space heater under my desk to keep from turning into a popsicle. Remember that post I did awhile back about preparing for summer? Who’s throwing the barbecue this weekend? I’m available…

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