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Jun 7, 2011

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Had a great time this past Sunday at the Open Air Street Fair sponsored by Housings Works Books down there in ole Soho/East Village. Now, I love thrifting as much as the next gal, obviously… but I always go to these things forgetting I hate crowds and then have to be talked off of a ledge and coaxed into the crowd to dig through boxes of random shiz.  I managed to subdue my inner wallflower and dive into the fray but still didn’t see anything I couldn’t live without. I’m so poor even a dollar book has to be found somewhere in the budget. ‘Le sigh, still had a wicked awesome time though!

  live music outside at the housing works street fair

A little live music to thrift by, and snacks. Snacks, junk things, and musical stylings, perfect Sunday morning anyone?  I know I love a good indie soundtrack when I’m sifting through other people’s discarded items donations.

sifting through dollar cd's

Rummaging through the dollar CD’s. Hit or miss for sure, but hey, why not? The boy snapped up a Nora Jones CD, not kidding, that happened. I’m undecided if this has any affect on my feelings toward him… Though I do like Ms. Jones.

piano books in box

I always find these old sets of piano lesson books at thrift stores and flea markets. If I didn’t have an old piano bench full of these floating around back in Iowa I’d snap ’em up out of nostalgia for sure. I think that’s how hoarders get started… I settle for a good flip through, and maybe a tear or two. Who doesn’t like to reminisce looking at the treble line for Greensleeves?

You know who you are…

What are random things you always find thrifting that you can’t resist because they take you way back? Comment and share!


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So its been a busy week this week. I incorrectly assumed that after the Memorial Day holiday that work would taper off into a summer-time bliss of quiet and calm. I was wrong. ‘Le sigh. At least the weather is nice to stroll on over to the park for my lunchtime snack/escape from the office crazies who won’t leave me alone to eat my turkey sandwich in peace. Hugs!

See below the best part of my week at the cubie. New to me “CutLess” file folders. Promising me few paper cuts… I literally made me weak in the knees. *So sad.

New Cutless file folders at the office

Anyway, still working hard for the weekend. Big weekend of bathroom painting,  finishing my new dresser, see here to whet your whistle, and an open house that will surely make me want to throw myself into traffic down in Astor place. And ooh ooh ooh!!! Talked the boy into accompanying me (I think because I’m painting his bathroom) to the Open Air Street Fair sponsored by Housing Works Thrift stores down in Soho since I’ll be in the area after open-housing nearby anyways right? Awesome, excited, see you there! $1 books ya’ll. $20 stuff some clothes in a bag! Wheee. I never go to the East Village for a reason (laziness+hipsters) but while I’m there I’d might as well make the most of it!

Have a great weekend everybody! Here’s to fewer paper cuts for all!

P.S. What makes you irrationally excited at your job? Its ok, you can share below, this is a safe place ;-) Bye.



This has absolutely nothing to do with anything. But it puts a smile on my face every time. And its June! Come on, everyone around this time has a little “What happened to my life?” moment going on. Just yesterday we were slugging around in knee-high drifts and wishing for this season. So here’s to June bustin’ out all over! May it be the bustiest June that ever was! Cheers.


What do you do when life takes you for a spin and you suddenly wake up and 6 months have gone by? Comments. Leave ’em.


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Such a tease…r

May 31, 2011

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Hello there. Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. Those of you with cubie jobs like me who got an extra day off, and those of you who had to work (like me, every memorial day prior to this one). If you were in New York we got our first taste of summer. Heat, humidity, and SUN! I baked like a little cookie in my apartment hot box Monday while cursing the fact that I am too tiny and helpless to put in my archaic behemoth air conditioner by myself. And that I am too poor and hopeless to alleviate this situation with a new smaller/energy-efficient model. ‘Le Sigh. Oh well, at least Soph (the cat) and I hopefully sweated off a couple extra winter pounds whilst being too overheated to be interested in eating.

I spent my extra day off in the best possible way (for me). Working on that street find dresser from my B-day, remember? After spending a lovely Saturday morning/afternoon trekking to IKEA and Home Depot all the way to Brooklyn and back gathering supplies I woke up Sunday morning ready to roll up the project sleeves and dive in. And because I am slow, have to take lots of Crystal Light breaks, and get easily distracted by the interwebs, the project continued into Monday. But… I got the messiest part out of the way, and was able to take advantage of having the apartment to myself for an entire weekend, as I needed to make a disaster commandeer the shared living space for the better part of 2 days for this one.

Here is a sneak peek at the gathered loot for the dresser project.

craft supplies for refinishing the dresser

And here is a lovely mid découpage shot of Sophie just being too exhausted to continue. (Note: I am in fact laying on the couch waiting for the glue to dry, trying to find the will to continue)

exhausted cat admist project mess

As soon as I finish this ‘ole lady up and scrounge up a better camera I’ll get some before, during, and after photos up for my little DIY. Pretty excited about this guy. And even more exited to retire my IKEA Expedit workhorse and reclaim some much-needed floor space in my bedroom.

In case anyone is concerned I didn’t get outside to enjoy the beautiful weekend weather, don’t worry I spent plenty of quality time on my roof, soaking up the sun, fighting the breeze, spray paint can in hand!

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