Best. Birthday. Present. Ever.

From the streets of Astoria no less. For FREEEEE!

found in Astoria - off white 4 drawer dresserFound this winner on the fair streets of Astoria walking back from a lovely birthday fried pickle snack at the ‘ole Sweet Afton. At first I attempted to feign disinterest, for fear of scaring off the boy with my scavenging tendencies, and bravely walked away from this wicked sweet find. Reasoning with myself that I didn’t neeeeed it or really have a place for it (honestly when has that ever stopped me? future hoarder) But about halfway down the block I turned back around, because frankly, it was my birthday and I deserved street furniture if I wanted it.

And what would you know? My dinner date offered to carry it FOR me! At which point I passed out from lack of antibodies for gentlemanly behavior. I let him carry it for about a block being all man like and strong and hoisting it over his shoulder and such until I recovered from my shock and he readily accepted my offer to share the burden with him. Not too heavy really for a pretty solid piece of furniture. The ‘Rooms and I have carried heavier/more/further on many an occasion. But it was a fairly sweet bonding moment for the boy and I, our first street furniture carry! Where’s that milestone in the dating manual?

I can’t wait to go all weekend warrior on this mamajama. I’ve decided I’m keeping her, and that its high time for my IKEA Expedit space hogger bookshelf to go… Organizing plans and a shopping list for the long weekend as we speak. Some people go to the Hampton’s to kick off the summer season, I’ll be in my house painting furniture. Cheers to all!

lego necklace and wood block printed cards from EtsyP.S. in case you think I’m some crazy person who only wants trash for her birthday. The ‘Rooms totally came through and used my Pinterest board as a wish list and surprised me with this and this. I haven’t taken that Lego necklace off all week. Its amazing. I pull those brilliant Heather Smith Jones wood block printed cards out and just sniff them and stroke them… (ok I have a problem, but I think they’re just stunning, I’ll most likely frame them for the cubie!). Go get yourself some, you can’t have mine, its my b-day!



Single Sunday Morning

May 22, 2011

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Every now and again life gives you a delicious gift. A single Sunday morning in bed, alone. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love waking up next to a certain special someone as much as the next gal, but… waking up on a rainy Sunday morning with the entire bed to yourself in an empty apartment is a guilty pleasure treat.

Since embracing my full-time cubie job and its byproduct of “working for the weekend” my ability to sleep in has been greatly reduced. My body just wakes up and I think, “Well, I’m awake, I might as well get going, at least there’s coffee in it for me.” Saturday mornings I do my best to lay still like a vegetable until at least 8:30 before disturbing the sleeping man mass next to me. Sunday’s usually fare better for the sleeping in especially if I’ve succeeded in making it through the entirety of SNL before hitting the hay. And if I don’t have an Open House to run off to I can fully enjoy a more appropriate weekend sleep in till about 9 or 10. Take that alarm clock!

So this, coupled with my full command of the bed and a dim chilly rainy-ish day outside has spawned a warm fuzzy blog post I almost titled “You show me mine, I’ll show you yours.” Because of course I’m sharing my secret single behaviors with you. Anyone remember that Sex and the City episode where Carrie talks about eating saltines with peanut butter in her kitchen over the sink? *Winner!

When no one is around to stop you or judge you, you can make a ridiculously large pot of coffee that can fuel pinning and blog reading well into the early afternoon.

large pot of coffee for a rainy sunday morning

You can also make a three egg pancake (when you probably only need two), liberally salt it and then devour with over buttered toast.

3 egg pancake over easyAfter eating said pancake you get to leave the yolky plate chilling in the sink waiting for the inevitable Sunday evening CLEAN ALL THE THINGS! event. Which is of course when you realize that 5 more work days are one sleep away, so you’d better have the house ship-shape and wrap up all odd tasks for optimal workweek productivity.

Both of the above activities take place so you can get back in bed and have the appropriate energy required for a few solid hours  of pinning, web browsing, and blog reading.

screen shot of Sunday morning session on Pinterest

Usually by this time I am über restless and my cableless T.V. offers no quality programming for further couch lounging. Today I tried to prolong my web time as much as possible because I’m mostly trying to avoid going into Bed Bath & Beyond and buying the shower curtain that I was ogling yesterday but most definitely shouldn’t be spending any pennies on.

But alas, I just got ditched for my afternoon movie date and it looks like a little retail therapy is in order. Single Sunday it is, Check you later!

P.S. Comment below with your Sunday morning secret single activities!



Grandpa couch update!

May 21, 2011

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two couches from Housing Works on the UWS

Remember when I spotted these two couches awhile back? And then three days later that killer blue/gray one was on its way to a new home?

Well… let me tell you. I was stalking the goods at the much venerated fave Housing Works on the UWS the other day and ‘lo and behold they still have that ‘ole grandpa couch.

Tweed Sofa at Housing Works UWS for $20

And they’re so tired of having it, they’ve marked in down to $20, and removed the word “Grandpa” whats up with that?!?!?! (Sorry for the blurry cell pic) Amazing. You could just spend all of your couch money on delivery and a bang-ass upholstery job. You’re welcome. I wish I had the funds/a big enough apartment for a full size couch!

Go. Immediately. I’m not kidding. Send me a picture.



Yay the day is finally here and I’m so excited. I know I already posted  my Ugly or Awesome today, and I almost never ever post twice, especially lately, forgive me? However… This is a special occasion, and I just wanted you to know. There has been almost zero fanfare about this Home Goods in Manhattan opening but ever since I fell in love with the Michael’s up there, I’ve been obsessively google checking for any news. All I found this week was one tiny little blurb on their own website’s blog?!?!?! Not good enough! I’m doing my part to spread this around the interwebs, tell your friends. I did see this poster in the ‘hood down the way from the cubie. So I added my own little mini parade marching up Columbus Avenue in celebration of discounted things for the home! Take that Jersey!

Home Goods Manhatten Grand Opening May 22 2011




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