Check. This. Out. Everybody.  This doozy came to me via Pinterest… via Kitchy Living. I love the internet. animal bed from

Let me break down what you’re seeing in this photo in case you just passed out from the amazingness and you think your eyes are deceiving you…

Basically its an animal slip cover for a regular twin mattress. I would also like to post the disclaimer that I do not have children, and am nowhere near planning to have children. But I’m pretty sure that most children would either love this OR run screaming the other way in the dark straight to mommy and daddy’s big, regular, and comforting normal bed. Sure in the brightly lit photo everything looks hunky-dory, this little ginger in her matching pastel pink PJ’s smiling with her color coordinated pink pillow and pink blanket. But imagine how terrifying this would be late at night lurking over you in the dark. I think that’s a whole new kind of nightmare, like the monster under your bed IS your bed now. Creepilicious.

That being said, I clearly have no idea what I’m talking about. Because these things are so wicked popular and in such high demand that of  course the making of and labor involved had to be outsourced to a country with faster and more nimble sewing fingers than the U.S. of A. And now they’re back ordered until forever it seems. If you enjoy a giggle check out the Incredibeds facebook page. Those Moms/Dads/”designers” on there are serious about getting their children the Incredibed and aren’t afraid to comment about it. Or you can view all of the other equally creepy options on their website and read all about how to care for your animal slipcover… and learn something yada yada about making it a “transitional bed” for a toddler. Again see above: no child disclaimer, I fell asleep, but I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge of useless information. Help me!

Whats your vote?

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Shower stylings

May 16, 2011

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In unrelated cubicle news. I finally stood up to my pesky upstairs neighbors and let my landlord in on their dirty little illegal washing machine secret, and its interference with the hot water for my morning shower/Grammy winning rendition of Katy Perry’s Firework. Don’t judge me, it puts a pep in my step at 7:00am. Just ask the ‘Rooms, he has upon occasion requested I keep it down at such an ungodly hour. But in my head I sound like this… Click it, live it, love it! People with wicked talent give me the warm fuzzies…

P.S. What’s your favorite shower song?


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Is anyone still there?

May 10, 2011

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Dear 6 people still checking in,

I miss you too! My lame-o excuse for the protracted absence from Cubicle57 is that evidently “selling season” is a real hell thing up in the world of million dollar apartments, and my poor little fingers have been insanely busy typing up that data. I mean, I haven’t held a paintbrush or glue gun in my hand in like 2 whole weeks. [ insert shakes ] It’s so sad, though not a total loss. I have done some fun things that don’t involve painting or crafting or typing. CC: Reply all: See attached: Please advise: Re: See below…

Coming home to fresh homemade baked ziti on a Friday night…

Homemade baked ziti

Taking spring time walks in the park (Both Astoria & Central, can you spot the difference?) with hand-holding…

Central Park Pond

Image Credit: The incomparable Mr. Joe Sommo

Astoria Park and East River

Thrift browsing, duh…

Red restaurant booths and Second Best thrift store in Astoria

Saturday morning french toast bagels at Brooklyn Bagel…

French toast bagel at Brooklyn bagel in Astoria

Watching boat building demonstrations (’cause you never know) at the Build it Green block party / swap meet…

Boat building demonstration at Build It Green

Watching the NY Mets beat the LA Dodgers on free hat night at Citi Field (beer & hot dog in hand)….

NY Mets vs. LA Dodgers at Citi Field in Queens

And that’s about it. Just a quick little photo tour to provide proof of life, and hope for the blogging future. Sorry I’m even too busy to edit my sad little cell phone pics, but there you have it!

Planning a painting weekend as we speak! What have you been up to since Easter?



Farewell good couch!

Apr 29, 2011

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Yep, the turnover is ridiculous in them there darn thrift stores ’round these parts. I just posted about this couch they had over at Housing Works that came in on Tuesday. I watched it be unloaded and brought into the store, 3 days later I watched it go out to its new (hopefully happy) home. I almost jumped in for a ride with the delivery guys to meet the owners… but then I figured they might ask me to lift, and I draw the line at moving other people’s furniture!

couch being moved from Housing Works NYC

And no, I don’t have any shame that I visit Housing Works 2-3 times a week, what of it? I HAVE to leave the office on my lunch hour or I’d never have a moment’s peace! 

Sometimes its just nice to take a stroll and see what good things are floating around the city. This must be what foodies feel like, except I’m obsessed with used furniture. ‘Le Sigh.

Good weekend to you and happy thrifting!

P.S. the Grandpa couch is still there if you’re wondering.

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